Why need revives in single player story mode?

I really don’t like the revive count in a single player story mode. When in co-op, your teammates can revive you without needing to use an orb. But on single player, reviving to the last checkpoint is the only way to continue. Can we at least get more orbs to start with when playing single player? You are the only target for the bad guys to shoot at, after all, so you take more damage.

The difficulty of the mission scales with the number of people. A solo mission will have fewer, weaker enemies then a mission with 5 players. Just try not to run into all of the enemies at once and you should be fine.

That’s nice in theory and what I try to do, but tight confines makes that really hard to put into practice. Example: the side rooms when fighting Geoff to release more poison gas and you’ve got lots of bad guys (and Geoff) all taking shots while you have to stand there on the pads with no cover.

You can also get the overshield available and do the pads in a order to not take as much damage.

I solo Single Player with Orendi and never have a problem expect with ISIC who is just tedious and time consuming but presents no real threat.

Honestly, Void’s Edge is extremely easy. Algorithm was terribly designed all the way though.