Why nerf Benidict anymore than Ernst?

Like wtf Benedict is getting his health and damage nerf when imo he’s not a big a deal. Benedict never bothered me and I never had problems playing him despite the reload “nerf.” But then there’s Ernst who ■■■■■■■ eradicates my health in choke areas like the one in Overgrowth.

I’m not saying Ernst is overpowered I’m just saying he should be nerfed if you’re nerfing anybody :x

Have you ever played him? He has/d the ability to shoot Hawkeye at anything but a tank (and usually a tank too) and they’d die. There’s very little way to avoid it, considering you don’t even know when you’re marked for death, and it requires less skill because all you have to do is land the first rocket (and in triplicate too). Now his low health makes playing him smartly slightly more important, so we’re getting closer to balanced Benedict (nowhere close enough). I have no idea what to do with Ernest. I think he’s certainly strong, but he’s very protected by the Ambra-Galilea meta. Luckily, they both got hit and the entire bunching up in mid strategy is likely to fall to pieces when we get Beatrix. So it may be a bet that weakening the rest of the standard comp makes it easier to chase Ernest out so he can’t be ridiculous.


IMO nerf’em both into the ground for a while so we see some different picks.


Never ask for any character to be nerfed in the ground.

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I’m not asking, I’m just stating my opinion.

These characters have been top tier for quite awhile now and I’d kinda like for them to see the other end of the spectrum.

While they are at it they could make the low tier characters much much better. At least for the sake of shaking things up.

It would be interesting to see what a super buffed Reyna could do to an underpowered Ernest.

Look that’s what happens when make all of the other wave clear’s ■■■■ at their job. People are obviously going to gravitate to the only 2 whom where left at peak performance, Ernest and Orendi. And nerfing them as well just creates a stupid unfun chain.

The characters that keep getting picked over and over are clearly over powered in one way or the other. If op are the most frequent picks then at least make the op pick be different characters every once in awhile.

90% of matches have either a gali,Ernest, bene or orendi but there are 29 characters to choose. I would like to see some different picks.

When orendi is on my team she kills minion before I can chomp them. I would like to help clear a wave but the op witch won’t let me.

Yeah, but you can just leave Ernest alone and give OM his Fragcendiary Grenade back, Thorn her Blight, etc… is all I’m saying.

Ernests egg needs some sort of charge and so does his ability to shoot over walls.

I think the worst characters need to be buffed before the average character gets there op stuff back.

OM should have a larger frag radius but not what it was originally.

Thorn had crazy wave clear but it’s not exactly bad now. I think she is fairly balanced.

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Problem is Gearbox thought it was a good idea to make everyone clear wave, which is just boring. they need to figure out a team structure and design the maps around allowing each of those characters to level well while in that position. to me the minion wave focus of the game just kills the role of assassins and picker classes. Push comps rein supreme at this moment due to gearbox making minion wave very reliant. The reason some characters feel overpowered is because they were designed to be good at that role. Gearbox needs to make sure they don’t build maps to heavily around one kind of gameplay. Orendi for example use to not be so game changing until after they buffed minions. made it so putting assassins in a lineup harder to do. which means characters like orendi have few threats. there is more to balancing this game than just the battle born roster.

Pulls out Hearthstone and shows patch history
Thank goddness GBX isn’t blizzard, or we would have seen an orbital strike hit Gali, KU, Beny, S&A, Mell, Deande, and rath for being to powerfull.

And then when the next batch of super “OP” Meta heroes comes around, Boom, Nerfed. All this does is create a vicious cycle of weakening, with no real benefits in the long term, and removing the fun of batleborn

Wat Hawkeye wasn’t that bad ._. I can barely get kills with hawkeye like Benedict was only annoying if I was a melee character

The issue is that he has really high numbers… throw on a symbiotic gauntlet and some attack speed and that’s five rockets following Hawkeye. Then, take only damage buffs in his tree. You end up dealing 400+ damage easily per rocket. That’s 2000 + which most characters can’t survive at even full health. It makes him the most capable assassin in the game, being able to operate at a greater distance than most and not needing CC as they can escape and still die. Then, the only part requiring skill is landing Hawkeye. But you can get three of those and they all have aoe, so that part is easy


I want to say this with the utmost kindness, but this is not the experience of the majority of those who have tried Benedict.


The best way to play benedict is get in ppls face with full clip, land Hawkeye and stsrt shooting while double jumping back to safety.

Bad benedict will try to snipe you with rockets from the other side of the map

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lmao ok then

Initiating with Hawkeye generally isn’t a good idea unless you’re targeting a REALLY squishy target or you’re level 10 with 400+ damage homing rockets.


He can’t even deal that much damage anymore unless he goes for the right helix option that buffs his damage but reduces the rockets blast radius.