Why NERF the Redistributor?!

You only get these by doing the 2nd toughest Takedown in the game, and it’s less than 2K damage on M10. Instead they’ve upped the damage on the GARBAGE guns - Kips Worth, Stark Devoted, Crossroad, Marks Bone (horrible), Monacle (horrible), Woodblocker (horrible), Expert Storm (horrible), Polybius (1400x4 damage on M10 - AWFUL), Breath of the Dying (a really fun gun with absolutely no damage - AWFUL). Why nerf the XZ41? Great gun with no damage. Even the Hazardous Beacon is a great gun, but it’s not enough on its own to survive M10 Guardian Takedown.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some new ones that make me giggle a little with how fun they are, but I WANT the Redistributor BUFFED! Now!

Lol, maybe a little too demanding :slight_smile:


Where’s this nerf you’re talking about?

I guess essentially buffing everything to proper or a better scale and leaving something in the dust is a nerf.

Did it not get a dmg boost recent patch? I havent looked at mine… Its buried in 400 items

It was never nerfed, you just have bad parts on it.


It wasn’t nerfed, tho…

The Redistributor’s I’ve gotten from the Maliwan Takedown M10 are all around 2K damage or less. They used to be more. They are useless against the Guardian Takedown on M10

You have bad parts. Perfect Redistributor on 57 M10 is 2,2k for Rad, 2,5k for cryo. The worst were around 1,45k iirc.

My M8 Lv57 Redistributors are still more effective in DLC3 than 90% of the DLC3 exclusive M10 Lv60 legendarys I’ve gotten.

How much damage do they have? Mine take forever to kill the hoards on M10. Maybe I just need to get used to the way the game is now - seemingly 20-30% less damage with all weapons after the last nerf on 6/18/20. It would be better if I never played the game
before the nerf. I think I just expect too much - when you shoot an enemy, their health bar goes down.

Redistributors weren’t nerfed, they just did not get buffed like some other SMGs to work better with mayhem scaling. I have a number of MH 10 variants and they range from 1350-1750 damage which makes them largely useless. But it wasn’t officially nerfed in terms of being scaled down. You can argue it was effectively nerfed by not upscaling it to better work in mayhem.

Despite all their changes I’m still just using OPQ, Monarch, Backburner and to some extent the Hellshock. Everything else is pointless to me b/c it takes too long to kill anything (I get zero enjoyment spending 5 minutes to kill a basic enemy). Haven’t played DLC 3 though so I don’t know about the new weapons.

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The damage is low because you are getting a multiplier on the redistribution. One most characters the 1 in 7 shots isn’t really enough of a boost to be worth it given the low base damage. On Zane in a dome it is still devastating effect if you are shooting at a group - especially if you use the SNTL Cryo effect. My L57 still does a lot of work for me when I have a lot of mobs in the new DLC3. My usual gun use is Redistributor when the mobs are thick, once they are thinned down, go to Robin’s Call and Lightshow.


idk about redis , but kybs seriously suffer in m10 , if the gun doesnt spawn with +100% ase it automatically garbage tier

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