Why no AI for mask mode?

Bc basically I suck too bad to face real people most of the time… so my enjoyment in the game comes from co-op with friends against AI… any chances of this happening? @Jythri

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I really hope for bots in Face-Off too! When not playing PvE-missions I play mostly private PvP with my fiance, and I´d love to train the mode first before jumping into open PvP…

Also botmatches are not so bad as most people say, since GBX improved their AI quiet a bit since release. Still not half as good as real players, but we already encountert quiet astonishing pushes from rival bot-teams.

As said, I really hope it will happen someday, but I don´t see it to be a priority, more a QOL-feature.


I do prefer playing against bots, but I found the bot AI really poor in the beginning. However, I haven’t played a bot match in quite a few months. Do you feel the bot AI has improved enough to make bot matches more viable now?

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Definitely improved. I haven’t seen a bot running against a wall in a while… Although I did see Thornbot shooting at another AI while she was against the wall (trying to shoot through it)… so there are still issues, but the AI are definitely more player-like… sometimes they’ll even assess you as a potential kill and chase you further into your base than you would expect to try and get the kill… very much like some players would actually…


Good to know, thanks. I’ll try to remember to check it out after the winter update drops. :slight_smile:

The bots did quiet improve after the first and second big updates.

Things they do less :
(yet its still happening in ca. 3/10 matches)

  • shard cycling / shard rotating

  • less buildable cycling

  • less wall-smooching (run into wall for minutes…)

Futher improvements:

  • bots leave the base faster / bots get less stuck in base

  • rival bot team might push hard & early.

  • rival bot team focusses healer more often

  • rival bot teams built Elites more regulary

  • bots finally sprint more

  • bots no longer pile up at the base thralls, at least not as much as at release.

  • quiet nice healing from Alani & Miko bots

Things that still need work imo:

  • Benedict-bots never really fly.

  • Boldur bot is confused by shards, his skills, runes, bright light, the color red, baloons, global warming, ect…

  • Bots may shoot in walls & corners. Mostly Thorn, Alani & Marquis.

  • Bots still run into the Accelarators and keep running into it instead of passing by. It really bugs me.

One detail I found quiet interesting: the rival & friendly bot-team seems to emulate noob-PUGs and even tryhard-teams.
Sometimes the rival bot-team is beyond useless, while next game the bots even manage to push a little damage to our 1st Sentry and keep us quiet busy. (<- I´m not a very good player, but in the time short after release bots never managed to get this far)

Same for the friendly bots. While mostly your allied bots are…stupid is a nice euphemism for it - they improved alot in regards of assisting & healing.


I believe it was an efficiency choice. Give something very few people would want, or work on other things. They decided to not bother implementing AI for this mode. Whether that was the right decision for them remains to be seen, but I like the new UI better than some new AI

This is always something I’ve been curious about. Many games I’ve played have had a “play against bots” mode, which makes me believe a large enough number of video game players look for that sort of mode. I know I generally prefer bot modes and so do a lot of people I play with.

In practice, I’m sure the majority of players would prefer straight PvP, but I would be interested to see some data on how small the minority that appreciates bot modes really is.

Either way, I do know that it’s not one of Battleborn’s core focuses as there are a lot of other avenues to pursue. I’m just glad to hear that the bots have been improved at least somewhat. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I just figured no one would want to play with Faceoff bots because
A. Probably about a tenth of the community uses bots very often. I’m almost definitely being generous
B. Of that tenth, many were probably interested n Faceoff and would’ve wanted to play it. I imagine they could’ve jumped into a queue once and hopped out after trying it out. So while unfortunate, it’s not too bad that they may never get to try it.
C. Faceoff is generally considered terrible. So many people probably wouldn’t want to play it.
So let’s say maybe 1% would stick with it and use the bots more than a one off. That’s not comparable to the 98% of us who’d benefit from some other changes, like frame rate improvements or the new UI

This made me laugh.

I used bots very heavily when learning my characters in a meltdown/incursion type setting.

To this day…I still use the bots a lot as easy quick character exp farming sometimes when im not in the mood to stress through public pvp.

I can get 10 min wins on meltdown stress free…

I get way less character exp for way more work/killing in story mode.


I get what you’re saying in most of your post, but this here is wrong. Challenges don’t work in private PVP, so that’s a big total. And you spend more time looking at results screen than in PVE, which hurts your total time spent in game, which is the only other exp factor