Why no cash shop?

You’d think that a game like this would have been released with a non pay to win cash shop. Shop to buy cosmetics (e.g., skins, heads, wall decor), extra bank and backpack space, and etc. games like Path of exiles and others have successfully monetized without enraging the player base. Wouldn’t this be a good candidate for it? Even fallout 76 which was a complete disaster on release had a cash shop ready to go. I might be inclined to buy extra storage space for the right price.


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That sort of monetization is more forgivable in free to play games. In full price games there’s a chance you’ll catch Hell from your players even for things like season passes and associated DLC, much less nickel and dime-ing them for assorted items that should already be in the game.


Yeah, the above wins worst post/topic of the year… shows how successful the big publishers have been in warping people to expect to have to pay for things in the game that you already bought…it shouldn’t be a revolutionary idea that when you pay for a game, you get everything in the game


I think GBX has other things to think about than putting even just cosmetic microtransactions

they already told us that cosmetic bundles are going to be a thing in bl3.
They are just busy trying to fix the game.

Bank and backpack space whould be only an HUUUUUGE backlash for them.
Greedy is one thing, straight up stupid is another.

And i don’t think that GBX is that stupid.


I can give you my paypal name if you wanna get rid of your money for no good reason :smiley:

To be fair. This is probably your way of saying “I really really want more bank/backpack space”.


Legacy think about things from a business standpoint man.

If as a business owner you can have a jnr artist knock together a new head and skin in under an hour and charge the same price for those 2 items as a standard piece of dlc.

Would you get more cheap jnr artists to churn out new outfits 24 hours a day or spend 100’s of hours and massiveley increased wage expense on creating real dlc content??

The reason it works to a degree on FTP games is the game is designed to always have free updates, keep new content to keep people around to buy the skins etc.

In a full paid game release any cash shop will always adversely affect creation of real new content because the company is going to make far more from selling cosmetics than with fresh DLC, with 1% of the investment in both money and time.

Absolutely not

Now I have seen everything.


Surely you’re trolling, right?

Any game WITHOUT a sleazy, money-grubbing Cash shop is a breath of fresh air in todays’ market of Fat Cat suits sitting around a table frantically trying to come up with the best way to empty your parents bank account with stupid bullshi!t.


No need for a cash shop as they sell DLC been same for all Borderlands game and you earn cosmetics in the game :slight_smile:


Why would you want to waste money when they can just include it for free in an update?


You poor thing, what have they done to you :joy:


I ALMOST accidentally clicked ‘like’ on this post.

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Bl2 dlc included cosmetic bundles, I don’t see it being different this time around. Entirely optional and nonessential.


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I stop playing any game that charges money up front then includes any form of cash shop, cosmetic or otherwise.

Your funding a company to put out lazy content and invariably end up with less real content no matter which way you look at things, so I leave on principle.


Please, no. Storage Space is an issue but Microtransactions is by no means the right call for solving this one. Assuming Bl3 handels monetization in the same way as Bl2 there will be a few cosmetic items availlable for purchase later down the line but they will be handeled through the gaming platform, not an in-game cash shop.
Honesty, Borderlands 3 not trying to make additional cash through microtransactions at every single opportunity is one of the most commendable things about this game (especially because I’d imagine that it took the folks at gearbox quite some effort to convince Take 2 Interactive and 2K games that it would be a bad idea for a game in the Borderlands franchise) and I wouldn’t want this to change at any cost.


Says no p2w then wants storage space on cash shop? Wtf you think p2w is? Storage space is not cosmetic i really dont give 2 cents about any cosmetic in any game ever so if purely cosmetic yeah ill take the free funding of my content from idiots… I mean loyal customers.

P.S. Poe is f2p cant complain about cash shop but it is still p2w considering storage near manditory and the structure of the game allows for rampant gold farmers turning into a pure p2w game. About as laughable as the guys claiming black desert not p2w.

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Dude really? Please, no Evercurse Stores here.