Why no cash shop?

Destiny Shadowkeep is a perfect example of a failed business model. Sells reskinned content throughout and then has the nerve to add the cash shop to the main menu so people can spend real money from anywhere. No, we do not need this at all in Borderlands.


I feel a bit argumentative today for whatever reason, so bear with me for a sec.

What’s wrong with the following logic:

  1. Borderlands is not a PvP game.
  2. Some players have more money than time (working adults are usually in this category).
  3. So - offering certain rare items, be it cosmetics or guns, for purchase is not hurting anyone else and is providing value for some. It’s not really “Pay to Win”, more like “Pay to Experience”. Is the main fear that future releases will hide best guns behind the paywall?

Case in point: I’d probably pay 0.99 for a Norfleet or Twister in BL2 just to see what the buzz was all about - I had no time or skill to get one in game, given their drop sources. There is a reason I grabbed a few Norfleets with VIP points the moment I had a chance.

Probably not a very popular stance, but there is no ‘dislike’ button here :wink:


How do you know it’s a FAILED business model? You’d need to see revenue numbers here - it could be quite successful, actually, from a business perspective. It’s a model you don’t like, I get it, but it does not equate to failure, IMHO.

My fingers go crazy disliking posts on bnet. I really miss that here…


It’s failed because nobody likes it. Look at NBA 2K20 as an example. Loot boxes, simulated gambling, all with an “E” rating. I’m also sure they make some money but with it being so damn blatant it’s not a good look.

Well, I guess “some” people like it. I’ll admin I’ve spent real cash to get silver in Destiny to buy things, but that doesn’t mean it should be there. Destiny is one thing but I don’t want to see it here in BL.

Being argumentative is ok as long as it doesn’t get personal, so you’re alright.

By your logic though, you say it would be “ok” to pay for certain weapons to be offered for purchase. That’s the definition of pay to win. If you can play the game to get the weapon you want but then chose to simply buy it that sort of defeats the purpose of buying the game in the first place. You’re right that it wouldn’t hurt anyone but yourself, but still, it sets a bad precedent.

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I would call it ‘unpopular’ then . Failed business model is when your business closes doors or you have to abandon it: “we tried selling burgers for 100$ or charging for parking at our Burger Shack, it did not work (we lost customers/money), so we move on to something better”.

But yeah, semantics.

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He got re-educated by EA. Poor soul.

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Well, the ‘win’ in non-competitive game is only for player involved (reduced frustration, shorter time to reward etc.), so one could argue it’s that player decision in the first place, but fine.

From that perspective, though: if anything that is obtained by NOT playing the game should be frowned upon, how do people think about the following:

  1. VIP rewards
  2. Golden keys
  3. Extra items in Super Deluxe edition and such - I, and others, paid real money for “Toy Gun” pack and whatever the $/Exp booster items we had in there, together with skins, trinkets etc. Probably as close to ‘Cash Shop’ situation as we got.

It’s not really “Cash Shop” scenario for items 1-2 on my list, but it’s a “Time/Attention Shop”, given how they are structured.


i cheerio a cash shop post :0 everything have a price and cost to made . and I live 10K miles away from US mainland. My country is not even listed in your language database. I am an customer.


This is a terrible argument for so many reasons… The main one being it incentizes developers to lock good items behind paywalls and/or make the game grindier as a result… Thus it actively makes the game worse for everyone even if they don’t “have” to pay…Therefore you aren’t really buying the game, you are buying a hollow shell and the true cost of the game is both hidden and significantly higher… This encourages people to spend increasing amounts to keep up with the Jones’ (affecting people with gambling issues in a VIDEO GAME) and further encouraging devs to lock more behind paywalls thus continuing to make the game worse for everyone…MTX have destroyed many games over the last few years and the only reason it hasn’t wrecked BL is because GBX is not owned by Take 2 and can push back a bit, unlike the NBA 2K devs or Rockstar

Edit: oh and if you need to sell “time savers” you are essentially saying your game isn’t worth people’s time and they should pay not to play it… If it’s too grindy, you’re in control of it so make it less grindy… The above applies to full price games… F2P operates under a different set of circumstances

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I would agree that it creates incentive for developers to hide good guns behind paywall, so next game/hotfix might be a total grindfest. What about cosmetics, though? I believe some games do that (TF2?) and folks are fine with that, no?

But to probe it further - let’s say last DLC for BL2 (a game that vast majority here consider a gold standard all BL games should be measured by) introduced a cash shop with ability to buy Norfleet, Twister, Ogre, Sham, bunch of seraphs and what not. You still have a BL2 you love with its drop rates and mechanics, but now players with limited time/skill can try these items out.

Good, bad, does not matter?

in many game cash shop is only dress and cosmetic . they not silly push a weapon ,armor,gem is need to grind for earn it in cash shop . but well I think I just silent about it - _ - . in a past I step in many world and every world is I step in they all have cash shop for dress ,costume ,cosmetic
its make every one Like.no . Other. and some game … its really new dress every week . couz money is flow in it

I stand for the radical position that when you buy a game you should be able to get all the things in the game you paid for…in the game…

I recognize how far the major publishers have pushed the level of MTX such that accepting cosmetic stuff like the BL2 paid skins are about as good as we can hope for…This has been debated in other threads and I’m not going to continue to do so in this one…

I don’t think your question is relevant as either the devs would be selling something of poor value (an item easily obtainable in game) or they are demonstrating poor game design ( as seen in items like the Grounded Hide of Terramorphous, a perfect Sham, Twister etc.) which would be intentionally creating a problem then selling you a solution instead of providing one in the game you paid full price for…It’s greatly disappointing to me that this position is now considered radical…

Remember that these microtransactions do not benefit the developers, but the publishers…Strauss Zelnick (Take 2 CEO) earns 20 million a year, has a net worth of over 100 million dollars and yet that’s not enough… his contract has a clause wherein he directly earns a large cut of all microtransactions Take 2 sells in any of their published games…He is willing to make games worse for everyone just to wring out a little more cash for himself…That’s where your MTX, cosmetic only or pay to save time in something we purposely made grindy is going…


This kind of post sort of make me think of the artist that paints something different from the norm not because it will sell or anyone will like it, but just to do something different ( Not that that is a totally bad thing, but in this case it seems pretty redundant )

They deleted my comment, again, pretty sure im going to get banned just for saying the truth, i ll keep a record of this stuff from now on, something doesnt smell good around here.

microtransactions are so normal nowaday people are asking for them?!


Borderlands is probably one of the only major games that doesnt have this garbage in it’s games. Usually when games do this kind of things the best items are in a pay shop and garbage is given to the masses. Borderlands deserves a reward for not doing this in their game and keeping to the classic style of “earn it” and complete DLC. I dont want mortal kombat style microtransactions in my games where the best gear is impossible to attain for free and everything i want cost $2 extra until I’ve paid $150 for a $60 game.

i’m glad they made fun of this horrible practice in the side quest " Transaction-Packed"
I dont want no fleet foot upgrades, and fidget spinners in a side-shop.


Funny you just edited that quest into your post man bcs it had already made me think of it before your update.

Would turn that entire quest from satire to hey here’s what were actually doing to you (and at your own request hahahahaha).

If your really stubborn on next play through don’t accept any it takes a while but if you got the patience the guys responses to you ignoring the shield drop / crystal collection is quite amusing btw.

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