Why no cash shop?

honesty :0
can you show me a mmo online game is not have cash shop ?

Can show you hundreds problem is they all a decade or more old. You know when games were actually good. Diablo, everquest, swg, ffxi, WoW, to name the big ones. Now can you name a single MMO with a cash shop that is both good and not overrun by casuals so bad that it’s “endgame” is actually challenging or fun? Btw unless ffxiv added a cash shop since i quit that would be a modern mmo without one.


Imagine complaining a game doesn’t have micro-transactions, the ■■■■ is wrong with folks these days lmfao.


Gearbox, How much to be kicked in the nuts repeatedly please?

I am in the right place for masochists right?

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I’ll continue to play devil’s advocate for a moment: paying for something of VALUE to you is not a strange behavior and thus is quite easy to imagine. I’m sure everyone on this forum does it daily when they buy a cup of coffee, pay their bus/subway fare, shop for groceries. Yes, you could totally make a coffee yourself or walk to work for 1.5 hours, but somehow no one blames Starbucks or their local bus company customers for enabling microtransaction-based businesses., which they more or less are.

How is a willingness to pay for a specific skin/head/rare gun is any different from buying a HeadHunter DLC, like a Mercenary Day pack in BL2? Are these ‘evil’ now as well? Someone just paid for a pretty easy and time-saving farm boss… Is it ‘pay to win too’? If I paid for a normal-size DLC (Captain Scarlett’s, Tiny Tina’s etc.)and now have access to REALLY cool and powerful loot there, is that ‘pay to win’ and should be condemned?

Perhaps my time is scarce enough that I’m OK with just paying 1$ for a BL2 Twister or Cobra just to see what it’s about (I suspect it’s not mind-blowing and life changing anyway…). I don’t care if you even attach “Expensive” prefix to said gun to differentiate it from the organically farmed ones or give it some unique skin. If you want to and enjoy farming these for a 100+ hours, sure. I don’t, though - would rather level another couple of characters organically through NVHM in the same time frame.

Me having this gun (hypothetically, mind you) does not also mean that I somehow ‘won’. Just like I don’t hold a grudge that I am only at level 29 with my first character in BL3, while many folks here have all characters at 50 etc. I’m going to assume that you actually enjoyed the process and time investment that was required , so more power to you. I’m not sure you ‘won’ in this case either, though. It’s not PvP game, right?

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in game monetization is evil and would only lend itself to preying on people. games like Overwatch and Fortnite make millions off monetization because they offer a near addictive process and regardless of the money only being for non-progress related content it still is an awful process of drawing money out of people

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And thank god it doesn’t have, the last thing we need is a microtransaction hell like Call of Duty.

Ah, I miss the old days were the only type of DLCs we had was new and different content, not things that were cut from the main game and slapped on a paid DLC.

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Setting greed aside, the more aggressively they push MTX on you, the more it makes me feel it’s failing. if they don’t need it, then it’s no reason to force that sh!t on you, throw it into our face, constantly remind us it’s there… the more people shun it, they need to make up for loosing customers, prices go up and they move in more aggressively. they gotta feed and please those investors somehow, right? but it’s not that simple either, because it’s often greed that is the driving factor… which, i believe, is the biggest fail of it all… once you’ve fallen victim of greed, you’ve failed big time.

Also, i shake my head to those who say games are more expensive to make so they need need to sell you XP boosters and shortcuts to make up for the losses. Well, if that’s truly the case then perhaps manage your budget better… Stop adding stuff that noone ask for. Graphics are great, slick animations are cool and casting big names for voices are nice but it’s not required, put the money were it needs to and don’t overspend then expect your playerbase to eat your losses.

that’s my take on it. i absolutely despise MTX almost 99% of the time. Those times i’d consider it ok would be if it’s A: Quality content for a fair price B: when it’s seperated from the game completely, sold on an external page so it doesn’t constantly remind you it’s there. if you want it, you know where it is… i mean, would you want to walk into a store and be greeted by 3 different salesmen showing all the sh!t they have for sale which you have absolutely no interest in? no, i’m there to get what i came for, nothing else.

EDIT: Forgot to say, a single player game should never have a in-game store, ever. while i totally understand were you coming from with “i’ve no time to play, but i want to enjoy the good stuff” - selling it to you is the worst possible thing. if they cared for those who can’t play their game more than 1 hour per week, then adding cheats codes would be the most sensible thing to do. but honestly, no matter how you spin it, selling time-savers and short cuts in a single player game will never be justifed.

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Oh you poor thing… What has the greedy AAA game idustrys done to you! Regardless it would be an awful idea and mtx do not improve a game in any way. If they did that then they would not give you other options to do so past what you get at base. That is how many companies operate and they are looked down on for doing so, therefore your suggestion is a teribble idea all around…


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Its a full price game, i dont think its a good idea to add microtransactions, its becoming a trend and it doesnt benefit the players, just the company, wich in the long run will affect the credibility of said company’s care for the playerbase.


I agree, I should have picked a different way to describe it.

I watched a vid last night about the ESRB and the uproar about NBA 2K20 and the simulated gambling and loot boxes in general. They have blinders on for some reason and the next generation will pay for it, literally.

I wish game companies would go back to the model that worked 15-20 years ago. Make a great game that’s not broken at launch and in a lot of cases simply have it end. I don’t know if the “forever” games model is really working; Destiny, The Division, etc.

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Exactly, I have no problem at all with items 1 and 2 as they’re given out and used without paying extra money.

I don’t like the idea of offering XP boosters either as it has led to other forms of in-game assistance by paying over and above the initial cost of the game. Game companies know a certain percentage of the player base will buy these things so they happily put them out there.

I mentioned it before, but games like NBA 2K20 and Madden 20 should be poster children for “how not to dev games” with all the loot box and gambling that goes on. The ESRB and PEGI should be ashamed with themselves. The ESRB admits their haven’t revised their “simulated gambling” rating criteria in over 25 years. That’s pretty sad.


I will give you points for a polite rebuttal, however I’m simply not an advocate for the money grab microtransaction model put forth by the gaming industry in recent years.

I understand that the free to play sector of the industry leans on it for income and, sure if you are gonna produce something for free and gamble on that and advertising revenue to keep you going, no problem and I wish them the best of luck.

However, if you produce a full price game and then take that route as well, nah, I’m not on board. Perhaps another in game currency, like they did in B2 with the Seraph Crystals would be a kind of in the middle way to achieve this.

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yeah 2K and Madden are predatory and BL2 put up heads and skins as their most in the way of microtransactions. I was fine with that! It was meaningless, suggesting an in game shop for microtransactions is disastrous and gacha games especially are made around preying on gambling habits

a lot of F2P games make currency you have to buy and then convert that currency into in game bonuses. just dopamine, that’s it

That was why I thought Seraph Crystals in BL2 were a good idea even if they were rather difficult to obtain. You did have to vest the time in earning them through gameplay and couldn’t just buy them with a cash transaction.

Even the VIP Program they have been running since before the release (even though I’m not certain of the future of it) is great because you can get stuff without buying stuff.

With that said…Hey Gearbox, Season 4???

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lol I lost my VIP guns, idk, haven’t seen any use of it

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