Why no ctrl attack for salvage corvettes anymore?

why has the option to ctrl drag salvage corvettes over a group of frigates,detroyers etc get taken out of game?
i cant seem to find a way to do it now,you cant select ctrl and left drag anymore over a group

also why would the game when selected for only military ships to be slected on a left drag it doesnt select salvage corvettes but does select the repair corvettes?
it doesnt make sense

is there a hot key that allows you to select their salvage option to left drag on a group of ships?

Hw2 never had that feature as they were coded differently in it…

thats funny cause i just did it with my original 1999 copy of HW 1

also i guess i should have mentioned it was HW1 i was referring to sorry

Yes, but HW1RM using the HW2 engine is why there isn’t bandbox salvage. I mind that less than the limit of 14.

OTOH, the RM salvage corvettes are much better than the original ones – they can grab enemy corvettes and fighters without waiting for fuel to rundown and kamikaze salvage.

They’re also slightly less squishy, which is a little strange since every other fighter and corvette seems to be more squishy.

What I do to quickly capture groups of ships, is select my 14 salvage Corvettes, and send them to capture ONE ship. Shift+click two corvettes on the UI ship list (now you have 12 corvettes selected), send them to another. Shift+click again two times, another ship.

It’s not as quickly, but I find it to be a good way to do it.

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LuckyHRE, good tip, thx!

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My inefficient old way is to keep around ten salvettes ready at any given time, split into pairs, each pair with its own group #. When I see the ship I want to capture, I select one to three pairs depending on the target… any salvettes that are left over get manually assigned to secondary targets. I don’t tend to salvage many strike craft after Mission 2’s missilevettes- except for the odd swarmer that’s sitting still.

Of course, now it takes a bit more planning to capture hard targets, because it’s no longer possible to stack support frigates on the salvettes…