Why no demo of this game

I don’t know if it has been discussed already but why does GBX not offer a demo of this game with limited content like only PVP, only 5 heroes, no levelling of characters, no gear or just 1 slot only basic colour and basic taunt just so people could try it out and even contribute to the population problem.

I would find it cool if they could buy different stuff with real money (aka premium coins or how they are called). Like once they reach the correct CR level (CR40 for Ghalt) they could buy that character or taunt. They could also buy the different PVE missions for real money.

Even if a single character would not cost that much a lot of people would buy some if they like the game or ask themselves if they should not directly buy the whole game.

Demo’s used to be around all the time on XBOX360 so I really don’t this as a problem. And if the demo would be correctly programmed it would be much smaller in download size so that people could try it really easy.

was this idea already mentioned before or has there been any comments from GBX on this idea and what do you all think of it?

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The community has certainly discussed the need for a gateway of some kind, but I don’t recall the devs ever specifically commenting on the idea of a demo or trial.

@JoeKGBX @Jythri
Would either of you two care to comment on if this?
Has this been discussed?
Is it in the pipeline?
If not, why? Technical reasons?

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With what you suggested, they may as well make the game F2P at that point, otherwise people will just play the PvP with just those 5 characters, and not bother buying the game

This has definitely been discussed. There’s not anything we can say on it at this time, though.


Thanks jythri

Anything similar with regards to the game going F2P? Can understand if you can’t say anything more

Same comment as above. :slight_smile: It’s definitely something we’ve discussed, and we’re watching Evolve very closely now as well. There’s lots to consider with something like that, especially on the topic of how to take care of our super awesome die-hard original adopters if we were to make that move.


Is it just me or does this seem a bit out of character for Gearbox to release a demo version?
Did we need a demo of Borderlands, cool as it was back in the day? :wink:

Different circumstances. Borderlands, while there was multiplayer, wasn’t as dependent on a community.

Maybe a timed demo. Full game for a few hours, that will hook a lot of players. They do it all the time to games on PSN.

thank you for your comment @Jythri perhaps we will hear more in a not so distant future

well I think F2P is a different story than offering a demo. And i feel that once you get used to the game and really like it I think there won’t be a lot of people who would not buy heroes or the whole game.

The only problem I can see with this is that the paid players will have trouble choosing one of the starting characters if F2P players are always clamouring for them.

Only in PvP and will it really matter all that much if you’re finally getting significantly faster queues?

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well to prevent this they could delay choosing demo users by 10 seconds so the paid users still could choose first and even if they can’t paid users have a lot of choices

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Oh don’t get me wrong, I totally agree we need F2P. That much is obvious. In my opinion Battleborn should’ve been F2P from the start as that would’ve given it the edge over a certain competing product…

Just some constructive criticism is all. :stuck_out_tongue: