Why no EchoCast

Why PlayStation has no EchoCast :sleepy:

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I believe it is coming in 30 days, probably less now, however it wouldn’t surprise me if it was part of epic exclusive and/or just something to try soften the blow of that. No ideas though, easier to test on pc?

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Not sure what is meant there by no echocast.
I play ps4 and was able to add echocast to twitch i see it on twitch via pc so it’s there.
But you can not install echocast to ps4 if that’s what you mean it has to be installed in twitch account.

it isn’t active as a feature for those on console, it only works fully with pc players, it might have been added to ps4 at this point but i think they’ll announce it when it works on ps4 and xbox, seems strange to hold off for so long though

Well it halfway works.

I mean i have to activate it to overlay 1 every time ti doesn’t auto pick up.
Also i have yet to see my characters stats and of course no pinatas but then my channel is a ghost town anyway seems like you need more viewers than yourself for it to maybe work dunno.

Pretty sure i’ve seen some more of it work on ps4 players but i’d have to really check to be sure.