Why no female enemies?

For a long time I’ve wondered why, except for Nisha, there are no female enemies in BL. Now, I know that some of you might say… “We already have psychos in the game!” :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously… I think it would add an extra dimension if there were female marauders AND female psychos. The dialogue possibiliteis are endless. Female nomads, goliaths, Hyperion engineers, midgets…

Is there some kind of policy or guideline that says “No women”?

There is also Laney White, and Motor Momma.

I think it has a lot to do with Pandora originally being a mining/prison colony.

I wouldn’t mind seeing female enemies, but I’m really more interested in female PCs. Couldn’t give a damn what I’m hacking it, it’s who I’m hacking at them with that gets me warm and fuzzy inside.

Judging by the voices, there are at least some female scavs. Hard to tell in those spacesuits, though…

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Confirmed by Red & Belly as well.

“Nooo! She was a badass!”

“No, she wasn’t.”

“Yes, she was.”

“If that’s the case then… Noooo as well.”


Seems to be same for most action games. There’s probably plenty of reasons:

For one, it’s because in real world, many enemish occupations like gangbangers, police and soldiers are predominantly men. So guess it just doesn’t occur to makers to make female enemies to fight aside from bosses.

For two, it would require additional models and voice acting. Most devs are probably too lazy for that.

For three, my bad if I’m wrong but shooter games are also still predominantly male field. Guess makers assume that we men just don’t like shooting women. Or burn them with fire and acid and hear their screams of agony. Also while, f.e. Saints Row the Third had female enemies, I for one found myself more than once checking out them well-stacked female Morningstars’ corpses. And then felt like a creep about it.

But personally I wouldn’t really care if we had female mooks in the future games. When they shoot at me, i think about shooting back and not some old-fashioned chivarly code.

Most of the DAHL workers were men, with a few exeptions (Tannis and women from Caustic Caverns).

That’s what I was thinking too. It could also have something to do with the fact that they might be worried that some people might be outraged over men killing women for fun in a game. That’s probably why every female opponent needs to have a long backstory explaining why they need to be killed while every nameless goon you don’t think twice about shooting is male. That’s the case with Commandant Steele in BL1 (You actually don’t even get to kill her), Nisha (Overall bad person and killer of puppies), Motor Momma (She’s a cannibal)… Laney White wasn’t really bad, she was just insane and actively trying to kill you. She actually shoots first, so I guess that’s reason enough to kill her. They could have created the whole thing about Pandora being a mining/prison colony to avoid those issues altogether. Good call on the additional models and voice acting too. I didn’t know there are female common enemies in the Pre-Sequel, but they seemed to have made it somewhat discreet. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if they included some female psychos and bandits in the future.

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As far as I know, female psychos are story wise impossible (I think even Randy talked about that)

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I vaguely remember a comment about Bandits growing out of the ground or something since there are so few female bandits.
Can’t remember who posted it though, since it was a few years ago.

Because people would freak out that we’re killing women. Because people have to take every little thing as something offensive now. Because people are too politically correct anymore to have fun.

/end short rant


I am also going to bet that many of the DAHL Soldiers/Veterans/Marines whatever you kill are females. The helmet really makes it unclear.

You fight Steele in the Robolution DLC.

Glorious ST33L3-TP.

That fight was creepy for me because she would always run to kissing distance towards me.


“20 points if you shoot it through the hole!”

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Also a lot of males have a hard time as seeing women as actively evil- until- of course- they file for divorce… :angel:

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Women are like anyone else: a few are good, a lot aren’t. Men are the same. It’s the human race in general.

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I know- it’s just that in games like Mass Effect, I tend to make my Paragons female and Renegades male- I’m totally chauvinistic that way…

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^ Huh, I always preferred Paragon male shep and Renegade femshep…interesting (might be that most of my Renegade play has been in ME2, where many of the Renegade choices are just so damn fun).

Memories of punching the news lady in the face many times return. Heheheh…

Hahaha, my personal favorite is punting that ■■■■■ guard in Dantius’s tower off the ledge. (Bonus points if you have Jack with you because she has a short comment about it)

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Well kind of sort of… Captain Scarlett does try to kill you in the end.

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Black Queen…

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