Why no funko pop?

just curious why there isnt any funko pop battleborn. i know the game hasnt done that well but i mean i would love to have an alani version of it. evolve also by 2k did worse than battleborn and i like that game too and they have funko pop characters. any plans to make any? just started my collection


I would like an ISIC one if you dont mind

Deande funko pop I would but 20 for reasons people don’t need to ask questions about


I think a nendoroid Battleborn figurine could also be pretty cool. Not a huge fan of chibis but the more I look at funko pops the more unsettling I find them.

idk how often the devs go through these or if they even do but enough people voiced their opinions about bots battle sticking around and that seemed to work. so maybe just maybe there might be a chance?

Although I hunger for more BB-merch I really hope it won´t be FunkoPops. I can´t stand bubbleheads or overly simplified chibi-versions. And especially Funko´s are badly painted imo.

Would rather spend 85€ on a high detailed actionfigure from KaiArts, McFarlane, Arts of War, ect…
Something nice with alot of joints. (<- no pun intendet.)

Full posable Orendi & Rath please! :heart:


What is a funkopop?

Edit: wtf autocorrect


comes for all kinds of fandoms, be it game, series or movie.

Omg no no no no they are ugly!!! As much as i would love any kind of merch, those are ugly!!

Exactly my opinion. But its all a matter of taste I guess.

They could make a toby, galilea,boldur funkopop they dont have soul.

Those black souless eyes would fit them perfectly.

Alani wouod be cute anyway she is half shark.


well those two look pretty terrible but from ones that ive seen it would be alright, its whats hot right now so why not cash in on it. along with other different kinds. people get whats hot right?

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Lava is hot and im not sure is popular.

Maybe we could upload some sketches of how we wish they look.

That would be interesting!!


TOBY and Boldur don’t have souls?

Have you SEEN Toby’s eyes?

And Boldur is friend to all bears!



I know what’cha mean. Usually you don’t always get what you want unless you make it yourself…talking of which, I wanted a CL4P-TR4P once and tried sculpting it until I realized that I was a pretty bad at Sculpting :smiley:

Like right now i want a Kelvin Icebox where I can carry my beer this summer, but alas…

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No… No, you’re right… I-I’m a terrible person, and will probably never see the eternal nesting grounds… Sorry for being so awful!


It’s oky! Everyone is dead inside anyway!!


Man, I hate those things.
Ain’t no way in hell I wanna be one of those things.
I mean… ya need an extreme detail hyper realistic statue or wood carving to adequately capture all of this…

Motions at body.

Yeah… all of this…


MONTANA needs to carve wood carvings of all the Battleborn!

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