Why no gear or chances at gear for PvP?

Was this ever tested in Beta or anything?

I mean, I don’t mind doing the story missions but being the only source of gear outside of occasionally being able to buy a loot pack seems kinda bleh. Those missions are going to get grindy fast.

I’d like to grow my gear options but I’d rather PvP, maybe adding a random chance at a loot bag drop for the winners of a match?

Leveling characters gets you loot packs FYI

Yeah I got my first one last night but I mean, eventually you run out of character levels heh.

Plus you can do that in PvE as well so it’s not really a PvP perk.

I guess it’s just an added incentive to actually play the Story missions.

That said, if you haven’t noticed, you gain a WHOLE lot more Credits doing PvP than playing PvE. Sometimes you do a whole story mission and only get like ~300 Credits, while PvP usually gives you about ~500.
Now that combined with the fact that PvP games are about ~15-20mins while Story missions are about twice as long, you can see that the rate of gaining credits seems to be a whole lot faster in PvP than it is in PvE.
To compensate I guess you just get a chance of getting loot while doing those missions.

Disclaimer: I pulled those numbers out of thin air, don’t hurt me.

Credit gaining may be faster, but one run of The Algorithm can get you upwards around 10 pieces of loot… buying enough loot packs to get that, even Uncommon loot packs, would cost a lot more then the 1000 credits you get in the time it takes me to do one Algorithm run.

Purely incentive to keep doing story. They want spread the player base as evenly across PvP and PvE as they can.

Agreed. Skins, taunts, gear and whatever should all be available in PVP. No loot is just stupid.

I say if you kill an enemy player 10+ times you get to steal their pieces of equipped gear, their equipped skins, and equipped taunt

Disclaimer: I don’t really believe the above.