Why no join in progress

why doesnt battleborn have any JIP? without it its basically once your down a player your team gets ■■■■■ so then other people quit and then it just gets worse. thats exactly why i dont play the ranked playlists on halo 5 becuase there isnt any join in progress on the ranked ones

It’s probably because even though we have leavers, those leavers CANNOT go through another matchmaking. They’re still connected to the one that they’ve left.

There would have to be some indication of what the score is and whose team you’d be filling for. I definitely wouldn’t be happy getting queued into losing teams over and over again.

And what ddomero said.

Not sure what you mean, if people leave, like go to options and leave i suppose, but if your dissconnected you can still rejoin the game.

Also, for people with long que’s it would suck to sit in a que for 30m-1h and then join a game thats half way through and on the losing side… that would really suck

I thought it would be cool if they had a soldier of fortune option where you join in progress matches for bonus cash and exp.

You could start as the leaving character at a level that was the median of all players (not the lowest, not the highest) and a grant of shards based on time past.

Joining a game in a Moba wouldn’t work. You would be a lvl 1 against lvl 7 or 8. You wouldn’t last in a fight with any higher lvl heroes. Then there’s the people that would jump in a game get destroyed by a high lvl hero and think that’s how it will always be.

thats why you do what halo does with warzone which it put you at the req level of everyone else or the average.