Why no matchmaking queue for Advanced?

Aren’t loot drops from Advanced bosses better/more frequent? Seems like logically people will be grinding Advanced for gear.

I would like to know the reason why also. Seems logical to have MM for all levels of Story missions. Can someone from GBX explain?

There have already been threads like this, Adv matchmaking is coming soon, they’ve said this.


Where? I’ve not seen an answer about this anywhere.

See the response from Jythri (Randy Varnell, creative director for the game).

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I find it a little odd that this would be on Reddit and yet doesn’t seem to be on their own forum (if it is, it’s not clear), Not surprising people are missing it.

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I just want to know why it wasn’t implemented in the first place.


Worry about splitting the matchmaking queue pools.

Because unless you “read it” on “Reddit” your not one of the cool kids lol. I didn’t either so im right there with ya

i guess the question is the reasoning behind not having advanced match-making. i would say either they treat like destiny where some communication is required for higher level content so thry recommend people form their own groups, or they don’t want to split into more queues. I know they said this why they didnt want matchaking per map.

Yeah but one thing I really cannot fathom out is why PUGs are automatically disbanded at the end of a mission. Surely it is more likely to encourage people to add others as friends for further battleborn shenanigans if they play together for a few games and find a good synergy, this is how most of my friends list came to be.

@TheWolfOfMibu not being cool is the story of my life! I always seemed to be ahead of the cool curve, I came to consider myself to be proto-cool, not to be confused with protocol which is the complete opposite of ‘cool’.

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Yeah. I wondered this as well. Would have thought it would make matching easier since maybe only 2 drop at the end then matchmaking only needs to find two more instead of a full new group.

And it’s official in this weeks hot patch. Thread closed?


Nope something tells me necros who don’t peruse before they use will be posting on this until it actually goes live. (maybe even a couple of days after lol)

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When the hell does the hotfix actually go live so we can play Advanced in public mode?

It’s up

Then why is there no option to play Advanced mode in public?

EDIT: Nevermind… for some reason I had to completely restart Steam to get the hotfix.

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Yup, it’s working, just played Renegade on Advanced, totally nuts. :smile:

See people, they do listen to you.

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