Why not 6 gun quickslots?

I know it is a departure from prior BL games, but I don’t think having 4 gun quickslots is a “sacred cow”.

In BL3, we have the following elemental “types” of guns:

No element

I wonder if there were 6 quickslots, if people might use more of a variety? I, myself, find that I rarely have cold as one of my guns. I only generally use radiation if I’m not mobbing, and if I want to use it on a boss, similar to slag in BL2.

Do you guys think it would be a positive, neutral, negative to implement such a thing?

Do you think it would change the way you play in any substantive way?

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Consoles already got it bad with little buttons to assign on this game. Assuming the 6 quickslots added I’ll lose 2 important buttons over it.

I don’t mind this idea. I like it but right now I’m playing without a melee assigned to anything. I think something need to be done like holding a weapon swap key brings up the weapon wheel and I can use my D-pad without it affecting missions, pings, and alt mode


Interesting. Thanks for your perspective. I hadn’t considered consoles, as I’ve only ever played BL on PC.

What you mention is an important limitation.

Don’t worry I like the idea and won’t knock down any ideas that are helpful. I do miss the weapon wheel icon from BL2.

I tend to find myself using 1 or 2 Maliwan weapons to squeeze alt elements on it. I think it’s not too bad except the nasty charge up time… but… I can manage

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Totally agree. I’d guess the d-pad having 4 directions is one of the main reasons for traditionally having 4 quickslots for weapons. We can have more, but you’d need some way of selecting between them on consoles. Holding a button and tapping d-pad directions is a good option. Double-tapping the d-pad is another (so left selects one gun and pressing left again swaps between that and another left gun).
If there was a good workaround, I’d like to have more weapons available in quickslots, just because it’d be great to be able to cycle between more options without having to bring up the menu. Especially in multiplayer, where it doesn’t pause the game while you search for one particular weapon you need.

On console, FO3 has 8 assignable quick slots via D-pad, but I’ve always found the diagonal ones tricky to select in actual combat.

I’ve played other games that used a ‘wheel’ selector - hold a button to pop up the selector then use one of the sticks to choose within it. That’s always seemed more reliable, at least for me.

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