WHY NOT COMPROMISE?! for poor stylistic build lovers

Some people like mayhem some people don’t and having more options out there is always great. However we lack the most basic option TVHM 2 no loot increase; no spawn density alteration; 200% buff to enemy shields HP and Armor. this could be a decent baseline pre UVHM playable difficulty where creative play style lovers and thematic builders could sloth in.

Cmon guys TVHM base is such a joke in terms of playability and we are all forced to have m3 jammed down our throats. When modifier simply does not think my jacobs build should be viable or decides that best element agains armor is well nothing because both cryo and corrosive take a hit. i have done my time with general purpose build and inventory that can handle any modifiers it throws but it is simply no fun.

maybe i wanna do a handgun only character, if i take it to TVHM no matter where i toss my points in everything will still die from just about sneezing on it. If i take it to M3 i have to farm modifiers every damn transition to have my stylized build playable. It strikes me that it would not be hard to have TVHM 2 mode.


I haven’t had Mayhem 3 (or any other tier of Mayhem) jammed down my throat. And the enemies on TVHM seem reasonably tough so far, though I certainly don’t have an array of awesome legendaries yet.

But I’m not opposed to a higher difficulty as long as it’s not made necessary to progression.

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I personally still farm weapons in M1 most of the times and i still get many many weapons and good gear.

M3 is basically only for boost friends or other characters and to have a challenge that previous BL didn’t have.
IMO bashing your head on M3 to get gear is kinda a waste of time if you don’t have a perfect build and equipment that melts bosses.

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well i get it guys, you are different players we all are. someone might think TVHM is reasonable difficulty, but what about me? (us) for who it is unplayably easy? That whole giant thread about mayhem 3 modifiers should be removed actually centered around the point that nobody took. We are forced to play m3 because that is the only difficulty setting we have and it sucks at being a difficulty setting. it is a mayhem. I do not know why this point is so hard to get across but TVHM is unplayable because it is too easy. Just because it might not seem like that to some players does not meant it won’t be hella boring for more experienced players.


exactly optional things are awesome.

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Agreed sir. More difficulty. Stable playing environment. This community basically thrived on build discussion and theory during content droughts between games. Traditional builds aren’t possible with mayhem.

Not to sound snarky but why not play mayhem first before stating your opinion on it?

Huh? Pogression is the entire point of having a higher difficulty.

A desire for a non modified stronger difficulty has nothing to do with boosting. Previous Borderlands games had plenty of options for difficulty besides “crazy pants inventory mode”

The entire point of the op is because we want a higher difficulty to play our “boss melting” builds at, however, a plethera of arbitrary generic modifiers isn’t the same thing as challenge. Mayhem forces me to switch the build/loadout want to play and attempt to call that challenge.

I would gladly take a decrease to loot drops to simply have a more challenging but stable difficulty.


I didn’t, in fact, give my opinion on Mayhem Mode here beyond saying that it hasn’t been jammed down my throat.

I hate to say it but once you’ve got gear that’s actually strong, even with a 200% buff to enemy health, shields and armour most stuff will still just evaporate. Hell, my Amara has been 50 for a couple of hours and in TVHM M3 (only just short of what you propose in terms of enemy health pool) I’ll already one-punch standard troops to death through armour or shields with fire damage when the mods are neutral.

+200% health, armour and shields alone just isn’t going to stop enemies evaporating before us like water on hot concrete.

It’s going to be rather pointless for the vast majority and that’s about the only thing I have against it.

M3 just isn’t that hard when you’ve got good gear, even with “bad” mods unless they’re really badly stacked. I run around zones just killing stuff and rarely do I ever relog for different modifiers.

Mayhem mode needs some work, no arguments there, but I just don’t see what this new mode would accomplish that farming better gear wouldn’t accomplish for you anyway.

my man there is big disparity between the best builds and dps and thematical stylistic builds. Your amara hurr durr steam rolls mobbing and bossing but you can not take devils foursum zane and do the same, in that base line difficulty which is always stable you can test and use many builds. The point is not to make a difficulty setting that forces you to use best items… that is a goal for post UVHM endgame. In TVHM settings best guns and builds should evaporate things, otherwise game would have nowhere to progress to. All i want is a TVHM setting that can test many approaches while it is always the same difficulty wise. You can not take occulist and thorns and squeeze performance of lyuda or crossroads out of this. nobody wants a setting where you can not take and use most of the guns, especially in TVHM level cap. 200% buff is very reasonable for most guns, do not judge it by amara’s and unforgivens hit standards. Wh is it that nobody runs shotguns like lob or snipers like bane you can find use for these in stable background setting which is not overly harsh, of course nobody will take same guns in mayhem 3 settings because there is no use for it even against only 150% buffs of enemies because other factors are too much. everyone runing with meta is fun and all but i have been a big fan of regular guns and probably played no less with those than with red text guns in bl2. I wanna take not so great guns and make them work. the setting i propose is for testing the builds and weapons potential viability for coming UVHM, in M3 it is not possible.

Leaving aside the numerous points I could make about your post in order to put this in the most simple terms possible:

Gearbox took away Marcus’ test dummy to stop us testing things. What makes you think they are going to be even remotely interested in giving players an entire mode to do it instead?

I’m not trying to be harsh in any way, it just seems to me that you’re reaching for justifications against what is sensible given your goals.

Like I said, I’m not against your idea. I don’t see the point but I’m not against it. There’s a portion of the playebase that sees that in many ways Gearbox sold BL2’s soul in return for control over players. given how The Bee etc ruled BL2 that’s understandable.

The unfortunate side effect is the game’s lost it’s ability to revel in it’s mayhem and some people really miss that side of the Borderlands franchise. I don’t blame them, I miss it myself. I just don’t think there’s a place for that anymore in BL3, the game’s changed too much for it to be useful to more than a very small minority.