Why not make Iron Bear a usable pet?

So, why not make Auto Bear a pet that you could mount with weapons you want, ride the turret if you want or jump into for protection and some direct guidance / beatdowns?

It could follow behind you about 15 or 20 feet and fire over your head at your targets but just do about 10% of the damage it can do when the experienced pilot takes over.

I feel like that would mean having to nerf IB’s firepower while Auto Bear is active. I’ve not done a direct numerical comparison between IB and drone/clone or rakk/spiderant, for example, but just playing through base game up to level cap and low mayhem levels it feels like pet autobear would be unbalanced compared to the other pet classes?

Probably the attack rate/fuel drain, cooldown, slow movement still gives him enough draw backs
If it’s like the current 15 seconds, it’s kina useless anyway
And rocketeer wastes a lot of damage potential

The auto bear WOULD be Iron Bear.

So, imagine an auto bear following you around doing fire support, but, because it was damaged it is not at full power until a pilot takes over.

You could jump on it’s mountable turret as at present OR jump inside and it would then become Iron Bear. You exit and it become auto bear pet mode again. Useful but not OP.

Not saying have Iron Bear AND auto bear working at same time.


i just love how this topic comes up at least once every month <3
gearbox, get it together :v

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Lol, have you seen Fl4ks pets effectiveness… You really want GBx to treat IB as a pet???

Besides they have bigger issues… like gear balance, drop rates, mayhem balance, stability issues… You know all the stuff they broke with Mayhem 2.0 and Cartels. IB as a pet is low on priority list… Besides you already have a pet character

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They should let autobear auto out a lil more.

I see nothing wrong with that. Zanes clone can clear a room by itself. I cant even count how many times when i was leveling up double barrel wiped the floor while i chilled in my bubble.

Just make it so blue tree investment is required.

It boggles my mind how players care about balances ina overpowered to be game.

They already said theyd be working to make sure pets do more damage. Make all playstyles viable.


Compared to Zane’s clone w/out Double Barrel and FL4K’s sad pets? Yeah, it’s pretty dope. Once you introduce Double Barrel, Autobear gets rekt horribly. FL4Ks pets aren’t even worth discussing with the other two.

Why not make Iron Bear usable? Beyond that I have long suggested that AB functionality be fleshed out more. Get that Dakka Bear crap out of there and put in a skill that allows direct deployment of AB so you can get AS anointment action without being forced to enter/exit IB. So many anointments are worthless to Moze because of that stupid animation.

All that being said…GB has bigger issues going on…like scaling AS so that they are usable at all.


Auto bear could easily become a 3 points skill that increases the time, AB is active and also give him the ability to walk. it can replace WCICATG since this skill is completely redundant and leave space for an other 1 point skill in that tree

Say what you want about Fl4k’s pets but at least gbx didn’t buff with an intent to fix them and then release a rework to endgame that invalidated it.

Agreed… They didn’t get around to it lol. But completely agree… Bear was viable for a bout. Week then 2.0 came out and made it all pointless

Um…M4 anyone???

Correct me if I’m recalling it wrong but wasn’t pets always bad in Mayhem mode outside of GB builds.l back then.

Nope, after the November buffs they were about where I expected for M3. W/out Gamma they could kill trash mobs in 7 or 8 hits, and with Gamma they were able to kill a fair number of trash mobs and do some nice DOT damage to badasses.

And attack command builds with the Jabber wrecked M3 even before I found out about all the splash damage shenanigans. I can only imagine what would’ve happened if we knew then what we know now…

Ahh I never used much it during its glory days feel like I missed out lt, I mostly used fade away before that most unholy of days. All I remember were the constant complaints about pet survivability and mayhem modifiers.

Anyways back on topic I disagree its a mech not pet they should focus on making it worthwhile instead of trying to add new stuff to it.

We have a pet class in BL3. Their called FL4K. Moze is a Gunner with a Mech Suit - totally different fantasy, totally different style. I’m against making the character-classes more like each other.

And, yeah, much as I love having pets and FL4K is my favorite in BL3, Gearbox isn’t that good at making pets (yet, I have hope, and it’s a difficult job, despite what one of the GBX devs said about it not being that hard). Granted I come from the best pet classes in the gaming world - World of Warcraft, Demonologist Warlocks and Beast Master Hunters - where even they still have their significant problems.

I enjoy Moze wearing her suit, I’d rather see that fantasy strengthened than have Iron Bear become more of a pet than it already is.

i understand this position
however, iron bear takes the complete loot gameplay away and makes it a premade character that is dependent on the mercy of the devs and balance
if you could farm weapons for iron bear, id be totally in for that gameplay
but you cant
he is not a full character, just an add on to moze and should be handled as that
he doesnt enhance her power, he replaces her and in the current situation, weakens her

I think iron bear deserves the zane db treatment.

Have one extra arm copy moze’s current weapon. No anoints or special crap like zanes clone.
I dont care about ir even outperforming zanes clone. Clone has alot of uses.

Moze is great stand alone. They said theyd make alll 3 trees viable so i wanna believe in em.

I think alot of gaige ppl went to moze but got a different experience. Theres a pet need for some ppl.

I need a turret… Well it more like. I like a turret. Clones like a cool turret for zane.

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i think, a 3rd arm with a gun clone is…a very poor and uncreative solution out of desperation xD
it still needs good design and not just copying something for the sake of power

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