Why not make it project deathmatch?

Just a silly idea but what if you decided to add some like special modes which changes some game mechanics for fun. like arcade mode for overwatch. So sometimes you can open up some modes like ex-calibers only or super vampire, or even bit masters, a mode where your bit gun gives you an extra charge on all abilities. Heck maybe just for the heck of it, do a mode which makes this 1v1 game become a 1v1v1v1 game to make it project deathmatch. Basically just silly modes for people to come back to to keep the fun going. Maybe do a human flame cinders mode. where both opponents have to survive an allotted time. so one person is invisible with human flame for 20 seconds as the other opponent has to escape and hide with mines, air jump, and adrenaline which only gives speed. Then after the 20 seconds it switches. So yeah arcade mode would be fun and maybe some arcades would be in play only so that people can see what the cards are, give them a try, and see if they want it.