Why not make "lobby viewing"?

I’ve seen a few posts of people talking about how people leaving “destroy” the game in process, which is kinda true. To compensate for that, why not instead of giving us “invisible lobbies” and randomly joining us, why not give us a list of all matches in process, so we can join in case some of them are 4v5 or something? To compensate and prevent someone entering a game where everyone is on level 8+ at level 0, give him the average level of the match.

The same thing could be applied to starting a match. Some kinda team-picking, where players can pick which team they want to join and such, so they can balance the game better.

I haven’t played too much about this game, but there are a few things that could make the PvP/PvE better and more friendly for players.


I’ve thought about this and there’s been some discussion. Two things

I. Implementation
A. If you could spawn in with Boldur or Attikus at level ten, would you? It inflates late game character enjoyability, while progression is very important
B. Shards. Do you get the average amount of shards spent throughout your team? Everyone? It’d have to be shards spent on gear from the person you replaced, if not, then the person who left could’ve bought every buildable, and then you get shards even though they left. Unfair. What if you replace someone with white gear? Now legendary gear is useless
C. Could you choose your character? It could be very unfair building for something to counter an enemy and they get replaced by someone who counters me. If you can’t, no one would fill in
D. Other things people will probably bring up

II. Dev snafus
A. Not worth the time. I’d prefer other features first
B. Difficult. That’d take a whole rework of the matchmaking system. Which they said they’d never do. So while this could be a good idea, it has no legs. Actually, it does. There’s no floor to stand on

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A) I would…? I don’t know what you mean by that, if you mind explaining I’d appreciate it!
B) 0 Shards. Your joining just kinda gives a chance to help your team.
C) I guess so, the new player would spawn with 0 shards. Sounds like a “cheap” way balance it. You’ve been building against one player less, so there’s that.

Edit: B and C kinda go together. You build against a team with fewer players in exchange of the probability of another random player joining. He doesn’t have 928437 shards, but he has enough level and the “element of surprise” when joining to compensate for the missing player on his team.

A) As a user/consumer, I see it totally worth the time. Asking for things is free, though. I know it sounds selfish, sorry.
B) More than rework, they would just need to show games in progress and allow players to join them. There’s quite some work behind it, though.

Edit: Aw hell I messed up the quote somehow :l


Usually, with some characters the early game is grueling and only fun for people who enjoy roguelites. But you put in that work to hit level ten a few minutes late and start rampaging. This would bypass the early game dedication and mean everyone ends up playing Attikus when they fill in

That could very well debatably work.

That’s true. At this point, I don’t see it like that anymore though. All resources devoted to something aren’t devoted to something debatably better


Nah, the system did. It happens automatically. To fix it completely if you want to, just hit the pencil for edit, and just add some enters to my words between the quote brackets

This conversation was better than a lot I’ve had here haha. Thanks

Ohhhh okay! Well, can’t discuss against that, but what if there is already an Attikus/Boldur, but they’re missing a healer, or they already have melee characters? I guess the joining player should take that into consideration too.

That’s painfully true, haha!

See the edit in my post, I kinda “justified” some of my points on the shards and such!

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So I am just trying to understand this, but are you saying you bring in a 6th person who is just chilling in the lobby and when a teammate drops, they get put in at the average level?

This makes no sense to me. Would someone just be sitting around waiting to play if someone in their lobby drops rather than in a queue? I could maybe see something like this happening in private matches when the lobby can get up to 12 people, but I think what it would have to be is the new player just takes over where the old player was. So if someone left as a Toby, you are now a Toby. I don’t even want to think about gear because that would get so complicated.

With that being said, I do think there would be a really cool private death mode setting where the characters are chosen and there are more people than characters. Then when you die someone takes your spot and you sit out until the next person dies. It would be crazy fun.

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Nononono! Sorry for explaining myself poorly. I meant having all matches “viewable” from a match list, where you can see the ammount of players in the match, team and which characters they’re using, and if there’s a match missing a player (4v5, for example), you can join and help.

I didn’t say anything like that, but it DOES sound like some pretty fun gametype.


Got it, well I am sorry to say that the devs were adamant about not having a drop-in system and what not… but they were also adamant against starting anywhere above level one and with their fix to capture, who knows what they are thinking.

They said they can tweak exp gain so idk why they didn’t do that first.

If they ever implement joining mid-game, I’d prefer to have people start at level 1 but with accelerated XP gain that lasts until they reach the level of their lowest team-mate (who isn’t also a late joiner.)

Would many people be eager to leap into a game that’s half-finished already, though?

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Honestly, I love the idea. It means solo players can find matches MUCH easier by joining matches in progress, and players don’t suffer quite as badly from having a numbers disadvantage.

However, the only issue I have with drop-in for disconnects is this:

The game disconnects players at random. A lot. If I get disconnected due to internet/server based issues while playing with my full team of try-hard friends, what’s to stop some random from taking my spot within the time I’m trying to get back? Then, my team has a potentially dead-weight teammate who can’t coordinate or outright refuses to coordinate at all.

Not a fun scenario, but it could probably be fixed just by having a timer (2-3 minutes) before anyone can join (other than the person who was originally disconnected) after someone is disconnected.

If i could jump into a game full build with Atti and pick my match up, oh boy. That game is over.


I’d jump in but I also love being able to observe, having the option to observe the match. Before dropping in would be the biggest thing. If nothing else it might help some poor fool who has no true affinity for mellka to observe a master at work and learn a few things from “monkey see, monkey do” if by some misfortune said master was disconnected…