Why oh why.... Ghast Call

So yeah… They still come annointless (is that a word even?) on m10. Sad face really tbh.

Was really looking forward to get these at lvl 65 annointed, and well… there goes that …


Same goes for the shield, scream of terror, have gotten 3 of them, all without anointements.


As expected, tbh.

The question is though, why can’t some weapons/gear get an anointment in the first place?


They prob didn’t include the map in the mayham 2.0 loot pool.

Kinda garbage on mayham 10


Neither of these ever dropped with anoints in the first place

That’s why the OP used the word “still”.

The point is that the game has (d)evolved to be increasingly reliant on anointments since last Halloween. So a grenade or shield without an anointment was normal 12 months ago, but struggles to be viable today.

It’s another case of Gearbox’s left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, which is just as well since the right hand is busy playing with dingleberries.


Event loot has no anointments, but the event itself adds unwanted anointments to the already cluttered anointment pool, making it even less likely to find what you want while farming during this event.

Yep, that’s the Gearbox way!


Ok check my posts defending gearbox is not my forte but you can toggle the event and thus the anointments off now


Also Haunt can STILL become invincible if you happen to shoot the stupid pedestals too fast… wonderful. An entire year of screwing up the game and not only did they not fix a problem that existed originally for the ENTIRE event, the way gear has progressed didn’t teach them anything for how these very limited items should be balanced. I just jumped on for a few hours after not being on since day 2 of the last dlc and yea I won’t be sticking around yet again GBX drops the ball. Wish I could say I’m surprised but I came in with low expectations and was still disappointed LOL BL3 in a nutshell, sigh…


I think support for game problems has dropped…lots.

Jesus Christ dude. You’ve been bitching ever since the launch of the game on these forums. I always see you complaining under every update post about how you are going to quit the game but you ALWAYS seem to come back with a new complaint every time. Curious. Please, if you have nothing else to contribute to the conversation other than “Gearbox lazy and bad” or “game is unplayable, I won’t be playing anymore hurrr!” then please stay away from the forums.


Complaining about complaining is not going to alleviate any complaining especially when GB generates the complaining.


This is all why I play on M4 or less. So I can use whatever gear looks fun on a whim and I’m not depending on farming for anointments just to get by.

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You ll be wrong to underestimate the ghast call, it is pretty good even in m10. Though of course I wish they ll fix their anointment code which seems pretty problematic with all the “no anoint” stuff

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Lmao homie has a love the relationship with the game so do I but I still play it

Yes. This is ridiculous such a useless event without the gear coming with anoints. Should be an easy fix GEARBOX show us some love please!



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How many runs did it take you guys to get a legit ghast call at lvl 65? I haven’t gotten any. I’ve done about 13 runs but nothing.

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0 :stuck_out_tongue:
it dropped during my first goo collection outside of Heck

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when i was doing challenge’s i ended up with 2 normal ghast calls then 2 roided ones with no anoints myself.

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So will it drop from anybody in Heck?