Why oh why give us room decorations?

When all we can put up is 3? How much creativity is possible with frickin 3 choices?

Come on GBX, you know you could double that amount, no problem & Vaughn’s abs forbid we get like 8 or 10 decoration spots!

PS take a look at FO76 Seasons for some ideas to keep peeps playing…


The real question is why give us room decorations but not a room key to lock the door behind us. It’s hard to appreciate the room if constantly some NPC walks in and starts talking.


i wish rooms had more hangers and better lighting so you could see the decorations

I actually enjoy decorating my room


I’d like to ask developers about this lol like no joke “My dudes how is 3 spaces being sold as ‘room customization’ in a world that knew Fallout 4?”

I try to look at it from other perspectives, say, “what would the game be like without room decorations?”

Id rather have been just told straight “You can place 3 decorations” and not even have GBX mention the fact outside of the game, gave people the wrong idea, dash of disappointment - sometimes it’s the little things in life and we only got 3 options.

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It isn’t a feature I care much about but what is there is insanely lame. I thought we’d be able to theme the room or unlock more decoration spots.


I’d like them to allow for more, or at least stop making so many room decorations as cosmetic drops. Why does dlc3 need 10 new room decos when we can only use 3 max?


Its not realistic at all! I mean, where is the smell or the trash on the floor??

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Oh and when the feck is Claptrap going to stop by and “judge my room”? I mean I made double sure there were no stairs.

Wait, can he climb ladders?

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If it will improve load times and lag, i vote for trinkets and room decor to be remove from the game.


Yup, I’ve stopped using everything but character Heads and Skins (I mean I’m not a barbarian!)

For the first week, the echo and weapon skins were fun to play around with along with the trinkets but now… just make the game more stable/improve performance.

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Yes lets have a new decoration spot and maybe have the first item for it be called -

“Killavolt’s Welcome Mat”

I think we can guess what will be happening here. :rofl:

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ESP for those dang NPC’s & don’t forget Pippie!

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I would camp in my room just to watch the show. :astonished: :laughing:

I only realised there’s three after I decided to put up a decoration for each of the DLCs (obviously, 4 is still forthcoming) so it’s a shame we can’t do that.

No the real question is why can’t we decorate the rooms with the NPCs that stand in the doorway and prevent you from leaving? I want wall shackles and the ability to banish NPCs to the wall…and forced to wear a Handsome Jack mask.


More deco spots would be fantastic. But even better would be proper lighting for the ones we do have. I can really only see the self lit decorations like the neon signs. It’s too damned dark in those corners.


Yup. My ‘decorated’ room looks pretty much the same as before. Character-specific accents are much more prominent.

I’d welcome a decent light bulb as a decorative option. :wink: Or a second loot bank.


Also why do three rooms look like a hobo lives there while Amara, once again, gets all the love?

I really don’t care about room decorations but what has been implemented is a little irksome.


And blocks the doorway :unamused:

It’s true of a lot of the smaller features in this game. Stuff like room decorations and car parts feel really one dimensional and barely worth the time. And this is coming from someone who loves farming for cosmetics.

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