Why only few players actually play melee's

Melee characters are weak compared to those who just sit back and shoot/stun/blind/etc…

first of you got the early game where you have to roam arround and try to survive while the other team puts a focus on you every time you engage…

the given health is quiet as low as the health of a assasin and the shield is down in about 1 sec.

also there is a problem when it comes to actually chase someone down he jumps out of your fov, much different things happening on the screen and you find yourself loosing track of your target.

All in all melee’s are only good with a healer or/and a good team behind them.
They initiate a push and with no support they are easy targets.

In other words playing a melee only makes sense as you got a permate team.
With random ppl you are going to have no fun at all esp. you are faceing permates.

I would love to see some changes to give the melee characters more chances to survive (Phoebe!? lol) a team battle.

Because at this point only galilea is able to jump out with her ultimate like nothing ever happend.
(Yea I know she is allowed to do everything by natural (tank/dps/distrub/heal/escape/stun))

Until then ppl will avoid melee chars for good reasons.

Please tell me your experience!

Playing as a melee ive never had a problem keeping up with people, even when they jump around. I seen, and played with, some killer Phoebes. Its a rare thing for me to play a game without at least one melee.

I think it’s just a player issue. some folks just don;t like teamwork. I’ve had plenty of games playing as Boulder or Rath or Dragon - my usual melee rotation- where I’ll work hard to stick close to our healer and they either ignore me to heal the Oscar Mike - really? he;s well back from the fray and got tapped by a Foxtrot round…I’m sucking blood here- or don;t support at all.

I’ve also had matches where our crew worked amazing, healers stuck by me kept me always healed and if I ran past em screaming like a girl - don’t judge I overextended- they would run in behind me pop some major heals or shield support and get me back to shape fast. Dozens of games have been amazing to the few that kinda lacked so it;s just who you get paired with. Most of my games are with Randos and I gotta say some of my mate supports were godlike in their skill at using them. Just poor luck sadly.

On the flip side I do play support so when I’m Kleese - my main support- I tend to work hard to help our melee guys. I stay more mobile then most and once I get the heal chair and networked rifts I make dang sure I’m always doing laps. It’s funny when I yell at a melee guy " Get over here and heal" Sometimes they just stand there and if they are mic ready I get a " Your a shield dude…you can’t heal"

Right there I know they are not quite familiar with my character so I just hover over and get the usual " Oh…your healing me…awesome!" So it could just be that again your team either hates teamwork, or maybe they just are not up to speed quite yet on how to work with specific characters. I know lots of teams are not yet there in terams of how to support a good Boulder tank or a solid Rath or Dragon who are more assassins and not built for massive brawls.