Why Paradise over Outskirts?

It’s a good thing what they did with the quickplay thing, matchmaking is really fast as to find players and all but I want people to tell me why always Paradise? I mean I don’t mind playing on the map but when it’s always Paradise when it pops out for voting it really gets boring being on the same over and over again (It’s like Incursion Overgrowth all over again) and to be truthful for me I prefer Outskirts, bigger map, generalizes on “being on a lane”, the options of turrets are better, the layout makes it fun to chase and run around, etc, for me I prefer playing on Outskirts if i can get the chance but every single time now its just Paradise and personally it’s kinda annoying seeing all benedicts fly up between pillar clearing both lanes (not here to be told you should probably stop him, focus him, use ranged characters, yada, yada, yada). what im asking is, is there a reason why Paradise is more preffered over the two other maps? overall i feel Paradise is the worst map of the three, also while quickplay was an excellent addition i would still like it if we can also have the modes separated again, not because im having trouble playing but more like i just don’t want to be playing on the same stage over and over, at some point it just gets boring.


Because most people don’t like the unfamiliar.
It’s easier to just do what your comfortable with then try something new.
90% of people in most situations of life

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Paradise has been round since the ctt and the beta so a lot of players are familiar with it. Than and out of the 3 meltdown maps its more uniform (although cold snap may be more symmetrical also there seems to be less lag on paradise( or rather there’s more lag on outskirts because of all the high buildings and textures) but I’m with.you I love the gothic design and music of outskirts and I always vote for it

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Well I can kinda understand that but then Outskirts has been out for a while now and i doubt new players would have this problem, and it kinda goes against games releasing new content and everyone just preferring the old, might as well just stop releasing content if its gonna stay like that (not that im wishing it) and really i wouldn’t have so much of a problem if the map wasn’t so flawed, literally a good Benedict player just wrecks both lane (at the same time mind you), you can’t be in the same lane with someone territorial or with a good wave clearing, buildables are too vulnerable so might as well not have them well and not many shards cluster in a place that you really need to have buildables, no matter how good I am, these things just take the fun out of playing for me which it hurts cuz i love this game.

Like literally Outskirts by far my favorite map, love playing in it and would at least want to play in it once it a while, this game at the moment doesn’t have much to do for a 100 CR, ALL SO Legendary gears, 15 mastered characters (working on 6 more), all gold medals in Normal and Advanced with Hardcore included other than PvP and if i have to play the same map every single time then it’ll just get unbearable to play for me.

Go on mic.

As soon as you get matched with 5 people, let them know over mic you would really appreciate if they would vote for a map other than Paradise.

Sadly, that’s about the best you can do.

All three new maps are brilliant and Outskirts is my favorite map in the game.
I was just answering your question. It’s a psychological thing and that’s what it comes down to

Hopefully Quick Match will eventually pull us out of this if they turn off the map bias towards Paradise.

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Well most people don’t like the way the base defense guns are positioned on Outskirts.

I always found it funny that everyone likes to play on Paradise, when the compt side used to play on coldsnap, which everyone absolutely hated for the longest time.

Paradise also focuses more on TDM then the other maps where they focus more on small skirmishes. It comes with the changes to map design because Paradise is wide open, whereas Coldsnap and Outskirts are pretty well segmented off.

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Paradise was the first map. Coldsnap wasn’t in beta. People stick to what they know. So, as it was the most popular, it’s automatically included to be realistic

I’ve never understood the aversion to Coldsnap. Echelon, I get it, but Coldsnap is excellent.

The main reason I dislike Paradise is pretty simple: open lanes. Ranged characters and wave clearers don’t have to commit to a lane but can often hold down two at once (Benedict, a prime offender, has been named already.) Supply is ironically one of the most dangerous places to be for any length of time.

Because I play Mell, Paradise is generally a strong map for me, but I still hate the kind of gameplay it encourages. It doesn’t promote Meltdown as I enjoy it most: two concurrent, asymmetrical battles for control. In Coldsnap and Outskirts, you might swap lane comps after losing a wave; in Paradise, you just have Thorn sprint through the enemy supply and take out the big bot at the other grinder as well

I don’t know why people prefer Paradise, but I also don’t care. What I don’t understand is why Gearbox made it static. Randomize every map! Jeez.


That’s what I said. Jythri wants to make everyone happy and give the people what they want, which makes sense. Problem is what people want isn’t always what’s best for them or more specifically what’s best for the game :confused:

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Some people, myself included, have performance problems on Outskirts. There are moments when all I can get is 24 FPS even w/ the lowest settings. It’s simply not an enjoyable experience which is unfortunate because it’s one of my favorite maps for playing Pendles. So many places to hide and ambush players. I went 22-2 last night on it; thank [insert deity here] for an Orendi that accidentally didn’t pick Burned and Busted @ lvl1.

The entire thread can be summed up in this post. People usually do better on maps they know and what they know is Paradise and Overgrowth.

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The problem is it’s impossible to make everyone happy. The least they can do is offer every map and weight them the same so they all have an equal chance to pop up. No maps should be static. It’s one of the things I hated about the casual/competitive queues.

Personally, I like Coldsnap best.



I love Coldsnap design. Very closed off but still with some nice angles. It seems too dreary to me though

The problem is that the veteran players outnumber the new players, so when they vote for a map the majority chooses something like Overgrowth. The newbies then go on to encounter this several times in a row which inevitably leads to this:

The cycle then continues with the next batch of new players.

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Like a roa eating its own tail. yes.

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Because it’s unoptimized pile of poo?
Taht’s general reason for me - i love the gometry, praise soundtrack and in love with Meltdown, bu 20 frames/s? No way.