Why people say there's no end game for BLTPS

I really don’t understand why people keep on saying that and can anyone explain to me please? I personally think that as this is a pre-sequel, it is normal that it doesn’t end with a very distinct “conclusion”. But seriously can anyone please tell me why people are yelling that there’s no end game?

End game refers to stuff to do once your max level.

Bl2 had many raids, dozens of farmable bosses etc…

TPS has one raid, and no farmable bosses (yet). UVHM and holo dome helped a bit because until then there was nothing to do with a max level character except chest/vendor/grinder farm.

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Borderlands 2 had an incredibly good end game, and that may have caused people to have unrealistic expectations about this game.


While it is true that Borderlands 2 had a great end game it didn’t have really that much of an end game until it got all of it’s dlc packs out. I’m sure that once this has had a chance to release all it’s dlc it will be right up there with 2.


I am greatly satisfied with BLTPS actually, the one thing I hate is that after finishing all main campaign missions, I cannot see Moxxi, Lilith, Roland anymore ;_;

This is true. And this is the thing I never understood. People hate on TPS because they played BL2 with ALL DLCs. TPS without DLCs is like BL1 without DLCs. BL1 had…The Destroyer. His Loot was a joke. BL2 Had the Warrior and Terra. Wow. As if both needed some special mechanics. You went in with the same weapons, and destoryed both. For the same pile of loot with some Legendary variety and incredible rare items from Terra once in 1000 fights. Now you have the Sentinel, which I believe has Zarpedons loot, and the Empyrean which has Longnail, Black Hole and the Celestial mods.
Then the Scarlets DLC came out, and Raid bosses became a thing. I believe the DLC for TPS will be great, and people should stop hating it because they wanted it being released as fast as possible, and it became smaller than BL2, for now.


Same here Cheukyi6, it is a fairly strong game with a great story and is well placed in the Borderlands series. Only thing is I miss Scooter, but being on the moon I could understand why they possibly wouldn’t have him and it allowed for new characters to fill the role.

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Janey is a cuter Scooter :slight_smile: Not that Scooter isn’t cute, but Janey, rawr.

I just miss him for his hilarious cutscenes and quotes. A lot of the humor from BL and BL 2 seemed to involve scooter in some way.

“Oh crap! Is you Hyperion? I heard all of you are robots and you eat metal out of the garbage and stuff. Knew you wired death machines would be coming for me once Rolland went missing. Now if you’re here to kill me you should probably know…. You’ll never take me alive you robotic sumbitch!!!” “You’re a vault hunter. That’s like a unicorn.” the list of memorable Scooter quotes goes on and on.


And as far as the people that complain about not having as many farmable bosses TPS kind of got rid of the need to farm bosses since all legendaries are obtainable from the grinder. It may take a while to get what you want but since you can now grind 3 legendaries together now and it will be a random gun regardless of what you use (example three legendary snipers will not necessarily produce a sniper as with other grinds). The grinder also has me picking up and keeping every item now unlike BL and BL2 because whites can become greens and so on.

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It kinda became BL1 mechanic. Legendaries were all random.
And Like, which Legendaries aren’t respawnable? ZX-1, a horrible weapon, Prismatic Bulwark, useless if you have a Sham, A Nukem, why would you use it if you have a Badaboom? And the Fatale, which is maybe the only one that you should use, but which gets horrible in TVHM and UVHM due to resistance to cryo on almost every enemy. Shooting star, ye, the melee shield, maybe another that you need as Athena/Nisha/Claptrap…

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Part of the fun in BL2 for some of us was farming bosses for specific stuff.

The endgame is just off somehow in TPS. It’s a fun game, but it’s missing the super addictiveness BL2 had.

I loved killing bosses over and over, I’m not going to lie, but it did get rather infuriating when you would kill the same boss thousands of times and still not get the item. With the grinder it can still take a while to get the exact item you want but it is nice that you can grind any boss you want or just any enemy. You can even just grind the slot machines if you want and grind all the guns you get from that. All I’m saying about the endgame is don’t judge to harshly until all the DLC has come out, a lot of the endgame boss grinding happened after dlc came out for 2.

Doing BAR challenges could be some endgame, but most of the things that are endgame people will say it isn’t. Or it isnt endgame for casual players, because it is too hardcore for them to do.

I also think it would make more sense to consider endgame stuff you do when you complete the story

Question, what do you do when you have leveled a character to 60 and have finished all quests?

Answer: not a whole bunch.

And that is why people are complaining.

The HOLLODOME helps and the fix to non-formal bosses will help a lot when it finally comes out.

And I am hoping that a very large DLC with lots of mob areas an additional slaughter dome with a badass round and several raids will really help.

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If you hope for too much, be prepared to be disappointed. That’s pretty much been the history of TPS, people hoping or expecting too much.


Nah…I’m a “glass half full” kind of guy…LOL

You mean some are farmable and some are not.

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I may have a different definition of end game. I don’t like fighting raid bosses solo, nor farming, really; end game for me is being able to replay missions + bosses, and fighting mobs. This requirement is based on a single DLC (two, technically): the second UVHM pack. UVHM provides the ability to reset missions, and the OP system gives me an on-the-fly difficulty slider (otherwise I would be largely “stuck” at whatever difficulty I was at when my progression ended, as we are in BL1 or TPS). The other DLCs are just bonus content; even without them, BL2 would have a viable end game for me.

Here’s another way to look at it:
BL2: resettable missions, OP system, my preferred mob density (three points)
BL1: no resettable missions, no OP system, my preferred mob density (one point)
TPS: resettable missions, no OP system, not my preferred mob density (one point)

It’s still early, and TPS may yet have content released that can add points here, but BL2 gets a lot of bonus points on top of this for enemy and loot variety (which are unmatched in BL1 or TPS). BL2 just set the bar really frickin’ high. Like it ruined other video games for me.