Why play if you're just going to idle?

Irks me to no end that people will idle within the first 5 minutes without trying to form some sort of cohesion with the players on their team. They would rather give up the first sign of the opposing team having a bit of a push or 2-3 kills. (the kills bit I hear too often from players with mics, who apparently factor early kills as means to justify calling it quits?? I personally always play without a mic(ps4) and have had plenty of victories solo pvping based on learning to work with my team.)

This excludes surrendering as well because these people don’t even opt for that, as they just idle. Call me stubborn, but even after 1 or more team members idle; I’ll still try to fight the enemy team however outgunned. If another team member who stays calls for a surrender after that, I’ll more often than not refuse and try to stick it out regardless. Even if I’m losing the game is still fun to play, imho. (I get that not everyone shares this view so nothing against surrendering in general, depending on the circumstances)

Not everything always goes as planned, sometimes the other team does stuff better, but by no means does that justify just flat-out giving up before even trying to retaliate.

Consider each match a learning experience. What do you learn if you don’t attempt anything? At best you learn “when to call it quits”? Hardly. As your foresight apparently only goes into the next 2 minutes. And maybe you earn the right to say “told you so” in regards to the enemy winning? I’d reflect that maybe if you had helped, things may have turned out differently.




I once had a game where all of my team disconnected except me. Based on the first few minutes. I don’t actually think everyone even got past the character selection… Why even Queue up for a match if you’re going to go on and waste everyone elses time?

Yeah but at least the game ends as it starts. I have been the only one on my team against a full team because my team all left me. I played because I refuse to use surrender or to leave but jesus wtf guys.

the only one time i went idle was because i fell asleep while waiting on queue :sob:

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I was left in the same position.