Why play true Hunter mode? Whats THE difference? From normal

Ok i have farmed alot of legendarys in Mayhem 3 on normal im fully equiped im ready to enter true Hunter mode. Or wait? Why Will THE enemys become harder? Will they reward better loot? Higest item level ive got is 591 in normal Mayhem 3. If i play Mayhem 3 on thvm am i going to see a difference when it comes to difficult + better loot. I rly hope so otherwise there is absolutely no reason to play thvm.

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They should give better loot with higher damages then once you get mayham in there you’ll will have to farm your guns all over again to max them out

So when i enter Mayhem 3 on thvm i Will notice a difference in THE difficulty?

You should and you should get some of the same guns but uped stats

Have you notice any difference?

WAAAAAAAAYYYY better loot. Base TVHM is pretty much like mayhem 2 on normal in terms of loot. I just finished TVHM, then went to farm a bit in m3 and it was like… loot over load. I ended up mailing half the stuff I got to random friends I saw playing online. I didn’t even farm for that long, maybe 2 hours at most.

You also get money and eridium at a significantly higher rate.

And THE enemys are harder i hope? In normal Mayhem 3 they die almost instantly. THE only thing that stops it is different effects from Mayhem mode.

they´re harder depending on your weapons and the roll you get on the stats for M3.
For example if you have an OP shock weapon and your others are bad, but you get the roll -50% shockdamage, +100% hp/shield/armor (on top of the TVHM stats), you will have a realy hard time… especially if there is a spawn of 3 anointed badass on top of other 5-6 heavy badass of every type.

M3 on normal is a joke btw… even with bad weapons and without skilling a single point :slight_smile:

Perfect i was afraid that Thvm would be as easy as Normal M3 is phew now i feel relaxed. Yes normal m3 is a joke when you have maxed Gear.

Ok so now ive completed THVM and unlocked M3 and tester in different Bosses and mobs. There is absolutely no difference from normal they go down within seconds and THE loot is exactly THE same item level as normal. Its a ■■■■■■■ waste truehunter My ass. To anyone reading this do not spamm your way through Main story just to complete it and turn on Mayhem 3 its No difference from Normal just stay in Normal and do everything you can from there. Shame on you gearbox shame.

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Only thing I can think of is that you get a chance to get level 50 versions of the sidquest unique gear. Looking forward to having a Level 50 Boo+ and a Level 50 Love Machine

I dont know if it was just bad RNG, but I spent about 3 hours farming last night. Hands down the worst gold drop rate I had was on TVHM in Mayhem 3. I would kill a boss 3-4 times in a row without a gold drop. On Normal, no mayhem, I was getting a gold drop in probably 95% of my boss fights.

One thing I did very quickly was farm a Kings/Queens call on normal. Is it true that if I do the farm on TVHM in mayhem 3 that the same gun will have better stats? Or is it just theoretically a higher drop rate? (because they drop like candy in a parade on normal).

Loot drops are fine

@MadCuzBadThusSad I’m kinda new to forums and don’t understand what wear loaded dice means. Can you elaborate for me?

The Loaded Dice is a relic/artifact that lowers your health but increases your luck in finding rare loot. Whether or not that is really true remains to be seen.

Luck seems to increase the chance for drops to higher rarity (more epic/legendary rather than common/rare). I never used it during a normal playthrough, but it is not needed once you start playing on Mayhem 10.