Why pvp matchmaking in Battleborn is designed this way?

It takes forever to find the match (Xbox in Europe) and teams are rarely balanced anyway.

Why matchmaking system won’t just connect first 10 players together and THEN split them into 2 teams according to skill rank (so both teams have similar mix of good and not-so-good players)? That system works well in many other games, why Battleborn is different with it’s god-awful matchmaking?

in other games, they used to use the type of matchmaking that you describe. a few good players, a few in between, and a few noobs on each team. that was when the game was at its peak, and when everyone had the most fun. then they implemented skill based matchmaking, something they are trying to do in this game. it ruined the games almost overnight. once they actually get it right in this game, my experience will be completely ruined as well. i will be forced to make smurf accounts in order to mildly enjoy the game again for a short time.

sbmm sounds like a great idea at first. in theory, having every player in the lobby on both teams being around the same skill level sounds awesome. but take it from games like CoD and Destiny, it simply does not work. if you are very bad at the game, it works great for you. but if you are at all a decent player you can basically forget about having fun. you will be forced to put together full teams, have perfect composition, and try as hard as you can every single game, or get smoked. it is a miserable existence.

right now it just seems like they just throw anyone into a match. that doesnt work either. there needs to be a ranked playlist, and they need to at least try to separate premades from solo