Why Shane and Aurox is the only one that doesnt got a new taunt Because of the dlc

I ask this because Boldur Alani Montana has one new taunt when the demon bear dlc came ot. And even Thorn doesnt have one

Only Toby got taunts in TFR, so it’s not exactly a NEW issue that associated characters didn’t get any. Plus, S&A EASILY have the best assortment of taunts in the game, by which i mean they really don’t have a BAD one (MAYBE “puppetmaster”, but i like it).

Puppet master is her “worst” taunt, but it’s still a good one that I use

That’s exactly what i meant; those two don’t have a bad taunt, so they’re fine. Rock, paper, Scissors is my favorite for them, and number two overall.

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I’m okay with it because objectively Shayne is already OP in the cosmetics department. Thorn is sad, but she has that one flick taunt to it’s all good

I use the dance taunt, but that’s because I use the balloon skin.