Why singularity grenades are the coolest

They aren’t just cool in the fact they pull enemies towards the blast, but they put your enemies where you want them, you can use the fact that they pull to your advantage. For instance, say you are in the caustic caverns in the infested warwhouse, three BA varkids right on your tail, what do you do? Well you can throw a singularity right into some acid nearby throwing every one of those varkids into some armor tearing corrosion. Pull all your enemies towards an explosive barrel for some group elemental damage! Wildlife exploitation preserve, next to the cliff throw a singularity to throw nearly every stalker into oblivion. All of these are just some of the many uses of the singularity by itself. Group all of your enemies for a shotgun blast or two. Pull a rabid stalker off of you for a couple of seconds. Distract everyone with a stun created by the pull! In short the singularity is not just a grenade, it is a tool for manipulation and strategy, mow that I sound all cheesy tell me what other uses you guys have thought of, FIRE AWAY!

Maya with PL + Converge + Ruin IS a Slag Singularity Grenade :blush:

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I’m a Tesla addict myself.

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Storm front!

Shock all the babies!

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When farming vermi in Caustic, I use quasars to get persistent badass varkids who are on my tail to aggro a crystalisk instead. Run past the crystalisk, lob 'zar at it, ba varkid ends up slow dancing with it instead of you. Most time the bug’s aggro will transfer.