Why so broken? When are the fixes coming?

I can’t believe how many issues this game has. Gearbox has great ideas, but has to have the worse developers in the business. There’s too many bugs to submit tickets for - and so many things don’t work properly that I can never tell whether a certain build or item is worth using because it doesn’t work half the time. For example, Mozes last skill in the green tree doesn’t work 50% if the time. It’s one of the few skills I can visually confirm is not working. Damage reduction doesn’t seem to work a lot either but I can’t confirm this.

There’s a lot of game breaking bugs too. There’s quests that become stuck (a lot of them). There’s freezing issues and horrible menu lag (both of which are 40x worse in split screen). And there’s so many things that are unbalanced that makes them useless (ie Mozes Iron bear, or any melee).

The worse thing of all is gearbox has not addressed or fixed 90% of the issues. They instead release off balancing hotfixes that nobody asked for (ie lowering the damage of grenades like hex that Make them unusable - more so then they already were). Where is the first raid? Where are balancing fixes fans are asking for? And most importantly, when will gearbox fix the game breaking performance issues?!

A Big Fan hoping gearbox can do better

Ps. Unfortunately I will not be buying any dlc until the Performance issues are dealt with.

Edit: I kept saying quality of life fixes when I meant performance fixes. Brain fart.


tenacious defense is not working either the last skill of shield of retribution if u run the 1 hp build it will never work because when the enemies destroys ur shield any dmg that exceeds will be taken from ur health first and then the skill will activate and the skill says that she instantly restores 40% of her shield if u see people with the 1hp build dont be wondering why they ignore this skill :smiley: moze btw.

@diestocresta These “coming soon” summaries don’t tell us when exactly these performance fixes are going to come. The main issue is the game crashes several times every time we play, and when in split screen if someone is in the menu, the other player can’t do anything due to how much lag occurs. This doesn’t happen in any other splitscreen game. It’s awesome that borderlands supports splitscreen, but they need to fix the major issues that occur with splitscreen. I also don’t see anything in that section regarding certain skills simply not working.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

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I agree there are some broken parts yet to be fixed.

Indication is that these will be fixed in the November patch

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