Why So Few SHIFT Codes So Far?

Why have there been so very few SHIFT codes so far?

They haven’t put out a new one in 8 days, if MentalMars and Orcz sites are to be believed.

I foolishly spent all mine early, and, while I am not hurting for gear at all, I had no keys left at 20, was waiting for a SHIFT code to see come cool new high quality gear, and now I’m approaching 25 and it’s seeming like I’ll have no new keys for that either.

You’d think with all the game issues that people are unfortunately having, there’d be a bunch of “appeasement codes” floating around.

Does anyone know of any recent codes?

There’s been plenty of codes.
Only they last a few hours. That’s the problem.

Well… You said it…

Why bother then?

I’m with you there. Well… kinda.
Shouldn’t have to waste keys in first playthrough / normal mode. Or only toward the very end. If you wasted them before well… your bad.
End of story line is the one place you’ll want “outside help”. That’s where they’ll cut off your goodies supply. Beside maybe some very basic blue goodies from close friends… Just to give you a fighting chance if you’ve been careless.

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I just like seeing the cool top end gear that I may not find naturally that often and, well, when I hit 50, It’s new character time!


I know but…
If you open every boxes on the 24th. Don’t complain you have nothing left on christmas day. :wink:
Sweet spot is probably last 3rd of TVHM.

-edit- Or early UVHM. If there is one…

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follow them on all social media and you would have plenty…randy has given out 15 shift codes in 15 days so far…he always drops them on weekends…how many do u expect him to give 3 a day lol

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I don’t expect him to give 3 a day.
I expect him to give me a reasonable time to redeem them.

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now that you and i can agree on…i remember him dropping one last weekend in the overnight hours and it only lasted 3 hours to me thats crazy…they should all last 24 hours or longer in my opinion


Well, I deleted my twitter but shouldn’t mentalmars and orcs and other sites be adding them?

Ok I just reinstalled twitter and followed Randy.

Latest shift code he had posted 11 hours ago.

I entered it.





I’m an east cost early bird. So 6hrs codes dropped at midnight west coast are a big no no for me.
That’s why I posted a mild rant today.

@FlamesForAll They do. At least Orcs do. Problem is the codes only last a few hours. At best. (For the most part.)

-edit 2-
That one is what prompted me to “rant a thread”
When 6am on saturday is already too late… Houston, we’ve had a problem.

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There us now a stickyed thread here for updated shift codes. It is a comunity effort thread. If anyone spots a code and its not listed put it in thread. Be sure to say what the code is for and edit it as expired when it expires.
I made the thread to try to get everyone helping. While some people are sleeping or working others are not. When im awake i check every couple hours for new codes.