Why so limited, time wise, on golden keys?

I understand your desire to make epic loot a little limited, but really, the most you get out of em are mediocre purples. I have yet to come across a article or even a meme that stated who look at the loot that i got from the golden chest. You make it less than 24 hour notice, and expect everyone to jump at the chance at it. As for now I’m not even looking at the posts that have the golden keys anymore as I know that I have probably already missed my chance at the super, epic, billions of mediocre guns. However, if someone reads this and states they got something that was worth the limited time on the keys I might just start looking again. So please help me get excited for unlocking these “Legendary” boxes.


Less than 24 hours to obtain and redeem shift codes is ridiculously a super stupor on your end forcing us to lap out of Randy Pitchford’s hand like dogs…
Not too many people even like the fellow…

Edit: “On your end” meaning Gearbox.


The sooner you realize GB is more about marketing than game development you’ll realize this is all going according to plan.


Than it would be better FOR ALL if Gearbox were the ones distributing the codes and and making us visit their page on a continual basis and not Randy “cm” Pitchford… Right? Myself, and others, simply put, do not like visiting his page (for obvious reasons).
We have to visit other parties, such as @dgShiftCodes for our keys… would much prefer that Gearbox handled all of this in lieu of Pitchford.

These boxes do also give legendaries. However until they stop putting such short timers on keys I won’t bother.

In Bl2 they had short timers until the first paid dlc (iirc). In the TPS it was the first two months of the game. So lets hope they soon start giving more with long or no time limits. Also I always use orcz oe mentalmars for my code info. I don’t do twitter.


Ditto for not wanting to bother anymore.
Orcz is a good one, but only for the other borderlands. Only because bl3 codes expire after a few short hours. Like today’s code, for example, expired after 7.5 hours. I’ve never visited the other two, though. I’ll have to check em out.

It doesn’t matter what site you use. They are the same codes so they will all have whatever timer GB adds to them.

Actually, it does matter… go to orcz right now… says that todays code is still relevant…

Actually they released 2 today. The first is expired. The second isn’t.

Smh… they are expired, bud… all time based codes are expired… leave a link if im wrong

They released two codes today.



The first is expired. The second was still valid 30 minutes ago. The point is no matter what site is used each code is on it’s own timer set by gb not the site. Besides I agree the short timer sucks. However the keys don’t offer items that can’t be earned in game. Although I do hope that if they eventually release guns/skins via key codes like they did in the past, that those have a much longer timer or no timer at all.

And this is why I stopped caring about the Golden Keys barely a week into the game. They put out these idiotically timed keys and then you go use one and end up getting a bunch of crap grenade mods or eridian artifacts that you vendor.

Back in BL2, I liked using Golden Keys as a way to bridge the gap between ending normal mode and starting TVHM mode. Going into TVHM mode and dropping a few keys would get me some higher leveled weapons and shields that would help offset the increased difficulty between the modes. But with the way weapons and gear are designed in BL3 and with normal difficulty Mayhem modes dropping gear that makes TVHM laughably easy, I have no real reason to use the golden keys.


The second one you posted is the one i mentioned that was exacted from shift and was to expire nearly three hours ago yet as of 43m ago @dgShiftCodes, a twitter account, restated that it will be legitimate for ANOTHER 8 hours. (so hop on it people. Quite fortunate that this has happened. Probably becuase of all out griping, lol.) Yet Orcz is also stating the same 7.5 hours for it as before. The websites get their codes from where?.. Right… In addition, you failed my request…
This entire thread has been how it is not worth it any more to even wait for them or redeem them at all… My particular statement in this is that I dont like Randy Pitchford doling them out.
I find mself in agreement with captiosus77 with the rest. Any more there is “No real reason…”

Edit: Just visited that Mentalmars site. I much like it and will be monitoring it for codes, as well. Thank you for that.

The consquence…I ll just miss out on Golden Keys and not bother with them in the first place. Wasted coding content right there Gearbox. Golden keys in BL2 were a nice and reliable way to up your outdated weapons, not always got what you wanted but it was always purple so you knew what you get for a key and that made you “want” them too.

BL3 I wasnt even aware how to get them in the first place. When I figured out how I learned that they have these ridiculous lifespans (lol…really?) and often resulted in highly randomized results as well…why bother?

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New SHiFT code out:


Expires 21 Oct 10:00pm CST

Thanks to @dgShiftCodes (Twitter account)

out of the last 5-6 limited times codes i have missed all but one.

unless you are a new account, starting a fresh player, the codes really don’t matter.
golden key chest helps to update gear at various levels on first time play thru.

I made this case that it is more for Randy’s own sense of ego more than it is anything to do with the community interaction and got my post deleted by a mod.

The man has issues, I will not add to his twitter following because he wants the attention.

I would like a golden key if this is not too much to ask, but because I don’t use twitter and I am not American I am out of luck I guess. Not like theres a whole VIP program they could email out keys for, but no, it wouldn’t give Randy the same warm fuzzies knowing we don’t care what his latest string of lies are on twitter.

This game goes out of its way to show you social media wanna be stars (Randy) are generally not nice behind the scenes, shows you social media is vacuous and venomous and yet through the VIP program makes you subscribe to every social media outlet for their crap.

Don’t mind the data mining, become a SUPERFAN!!

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They’re few times I woke up seeing a new code posted on Borderlands Discord server where the timer obviously expired but somehow I manage to use those and it worked for me. Not sure if the timers are false or what and I never use Twitter to follow.

I rely on Discord to notify me only for when new codes comes and not for the server chat. It never failed me with shift codes… yet. I do think something should be done about it or at least increase the chances for annointed legendaries but I feel that’s too much wishing since I saw a video of someone obtaining 100 Golden Keys by doing the offline mail trick.

Off topic but I’m getting really tired how offline seem superior in everything. Even exploits to get infinite Golden Keys which I’m not gonna do

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I wouldn’t worry too much, the gear that comes out of the golden key chest is rubbish anyway. You can find much better gear just in general play. You could go hunt the Zero and Hammerlock Hunt critters or just farm a boss. You’ll get better gear in one attempt on any of those.

I had 7 or 8 keys all up and decided to leave the chest alone until I hit level 40 but all I got out of it was some pretty ordinary blues and purples. None of which were upgrades to my current gear.

If you ask me the golden keys are a waste of time.

I would like to thank you for posting this code. I was finally able to obtain one of these keys. It came to mind that this would be a good experiment. After obtaining the key from my mail i decided to use it right away instead of keeping it for some future date. I assume everything in the chest is epic or legendary. Alas, I didn’t get a legendary. I did get a lot of epics though. I obtained four shields, two grenades, and two class mods. All of these where my level but with the stats I decided to stick with some of the blues I have been using as they were better. It saddened me that out of eight items none where even worth noting on here. I would like to thank you again for posting the code, Thank you.

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