Why so many high-level people joining me?

Just started the first game again with Brick, and one major thing I noticed is that there was very few players of my level joining me. Most people had much higher levels than mine. I’ve noticed it in earlier games but now I got curious enough to ask why? Can anyone explain this phenomenon?

The playerbase is pretty old, and a little vacant. So, anymore you have a bunch of people running around with their level 69s with few new or progressing players.

Just a warning, be careful out there. There’s a pretty healthy amount of modders, and some of the things they do can mess you up pretty well.

I play on PS3 so no mods.

When I play with unknown people I use my d*ck-around-save. It’s got 3 missions active that i’ve never heard about before. Do you think that could have been caused by modders?

Not actual mods, but hack modders. One thing I’ve heard about is a grenade that deletes all of your weapons and progress when affected. It’s apparently prevalent on the 360, but it’s f*cked enough people that I wouldn’t even bother playing with randoms on the PS3 either.

PS3 MP is unplayable anyways. The lag is immense on every server and by far most time out. At least when you play in western europe on a saturday afternoon on the most stable connection money can buy.

If you’re lucky you get thrown in with a bunch of 13 year olds with shields that take 180 mill dmg

Then why have @FlamesForAll and I done several MP farming sessions together, as well as Underdome?

Oh… I live in America and Flames lives in Canada… I guess that explains it

Western Europe PSN servers often have some issues as well, especially in the weekend. That might be a factor as well.
But in the middle of the week (at least in the day time) there are very few people online.

Pro Tip: before playing online with unknowns, make sure to back-up your characters in the event one or more of the unknowns are playing with hacked weapons.

Already doing that, but thanks anyway! :relaxed: