Why so many RNG gates?

So I’ve been trying to farm a few bosses in the past few days and getting the drops I want seems like an impossible task. So here’s what we have:

  1. Frist the boss needs to drop a legendary (on M10 I’m still getting green/purple only drops)
  2. Then it needs to drop the legendary that you need
  3. Then items anointment needs to be for your character (good that all are anointed on M10 now)
    3.a. If you looking for a specific element - another gate
  4. It’s got to be the anointment that you need for your build.
    In short - good luck putting together a gear dependent build. It’s like winning the lottery.
    Way too many “developers hate you” moments, to the point it’s kind of killing the fun.

And then there is the problem of trying for a specific firing type between semi-auto, full-auto and burst-fire.

How else are they going to keep people playing? It surely isn’t with rewarding gameplay or mechanics…

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I suspect GBX did not appreciate the import that would attach to annointments when they designed the system- especially at end game
The haphazard nature of annointments veering between utterly pointless and insanely powerful is a point that speaks to that lack of understanding. It has really broken the RNG by adding in that additional RNG gate and a gate that has far worse effects on the die rolls than any previous elements (parts, elements) because there are now so many annointments.


I think it’s about time for us to get a way to re-roll specs for eridium. Individual specs would be ideal. Eridium is currently worthless anyway…


We are way past that time and, again, the sad thing is they have an analog for this process from TPS where you could apply luneshines, which were frankly a better version of annointments, to upgrade weapons.

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A lack of understanding of the impact of anointments on gear and farming is certainly a plausible theory but the other theory is that it’s actually by design. By having a wide array of anointments that not only spans the gamut from useless to OP but is also at least partially segmented behind specific VHs they have vastly inflated the end gameplay loop.

Combine this with the never ending re-farming events that are forced on players with mini level increases, limited time content, DLCs, nerfs and buffs and the playtime of the game just got doubled or tripled assuming people actually stick around to go through all that. It could have been a miscalculation of what players are willing to go through to acquire and re-acquire gear over time.


This the reason why I’m not exactly around to play this game. They gotta loosen up with so many layers of RNG.

I’d be okay if the dedicated drops are 100% and make world drops come from vendors, mobs, or generic loot pool

Didn’t they mention to possibly rework anointments and tie them to weapon trinkets?

Or was this only a community suggestion?

Sounds like a community suggestion since I seen that a lot but nothing mention like that from Gearbox

The main reason I don’t think it was by design is that (for example) I don’t think they foresaw always up action skills for Zane when they created the SNTL Cryo or the massive use of fake grasp to proc ASE.

I really do think when they added the annointments they thought they were lagniappe not a game changing factor on weapons. It is the fact that players are creative, and they added items to enable it, that changed how useful annointments are.

I don’t know what would be worse…that they couldn’t foresee something so obvious or that it was a cynical design choice to inflate playtime. Honestly, either of those are pretty bad. It’s also not just Zane and Amara. I’m currently playing Fl4k and the R4kk Attack AS is the same thing…insanely short CD which means constant ASE activation which means 100% anointment uptime from multiple sources. So 3 out of 4 VH can abuse anointments doesn’t seem like an accident.

The real question is…with 3 VHs able to abuse anointment mechanics so well…WTF were they thinking with Moze? I assume the power of IB was supposed to offset this but that hasn’t usually been the case until just now.


What happened to the veteran vending machine? I thought that was phase 2…

Yeah, I’m done until they finalize their product. There seasonal events are ok but you are doomed to find stuff that becomes irrelevant days later. There DLCs are ok but they aren’t going anywhere. The level increases suck due to the farming necessary each time. I’m over it.

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Truthfully that is still going to be useless because quest reward weapons aren’t largely world beaters, unless they are dramatically scaled up to match the Cartel/DLC3 weapons.

Don’t forget the parts that influence the base damage. Most guns, it’s not a wild variance, but for the Clairvoyance, for instance, there is an 8000 point spread between the bottom of the M10 Lvl60 barrel, and the top of the line. Really sucks when you get the gun you want and the anoint you want, but the damage is 5000 points less than the last drop, that had a stupid sliding accuracy anoint.


Artificial extention to a bad game that doesn’t have much to do in it. Dumb AI. Worse maps. Game sucks start to finish.

A big problem to me is the randomness in some cases combined with anoints/stats that are straight up worthless. Like for example, the infinity infamously rolling with any of the on reload anoints. Or class mods rolling with accuracy mods when they barely do anything noticeable. Or class mods rolling with two separate manufacturer mods which outside the critical damage, are already weak compared to weapon specific mods.

It would all go a long way if they just gave us a way to mitigate the RNG in some way. Even if it takes sacrificing multiple legendary items, or a new token type item that has limited means of acquisition. Maybe tie it to running trials, people already barely do them outside the loot events.


Thankyou! Forum.makes.me.feel like.im alone getting greens and purples from.bosses.

Ima crazy nut. Ill do a few hundred kills for hours. Still dont find what i want i have like 3 or 4 of thr item… While the dlc gives a new lvl of power creeped better weapons imagine i didnt have the dlc?

Its like wtf.


Well… Apart from the cosmetics, it’s just purples at best, so it’s utterly useless.
Why would I spend eridium on purples?!?