Why so much hate?

Why is the flakker universally hated, this weapon is probably my favorite gun in the entire game. It’s good damage, great for flying mobs, and good for large bosses, the only real downside is the accuracy and fire rate.

It’s very niche, according to those who use it a lot, it’s results vary

Quite large downsides on a weapon if you ask me.

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True, but chaotic neutral zero, along with rank 11 two fang, and rank 5 percision is what i’m using.

It’s a hard gun to learn. Some folks seem to think that every weapon in the game should be point-shoot-die with no real skill or learning curve required. There are a number of similar weapons in the game that, once mastered, are insanely powerful. I think the developers put them in to reward those players who were prepared to put in a little more effort.


Agreed. Put in the time to learn it. Most often, you will reap the benefits of the time you invested.

Well said VH. I agree with all of this 100%. :slight_smile:

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Do you have any other niche weapons i should try, i love the flakker but it seems like most videos on it have to do with that cheap ahab glitch.

The Hail is pretty good, especially on Gaige. Hmmm… This is actually more up @Adabiviak’s alley - suggestions for overlooked weapons with interesting mechanics? I think there was a thread about this somewhere too!

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Sawbar is a good one.

Edit: I was just reminded of when @Piemanlee was trying to make a build that made the Wonderlust viable. I’d like to see that weapon used effectively. I might try that tonight. I have a few wonderlust that are just collecting dust. I have never tried to use it passed firing off a few rounds and realizing there has to be more to this thing. cause as I see it now, it’s useless. but, nothing is truly useless on Pandora. you just have to figure it out. :slight_smile:

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Hey, for your idea i have a suggestion, try getting a shock wanderlust with a slayer of terra gaige, 600 stacks means massive damage with a weapon you already don’t aim.

I wouldn’t say it’s universally hated. Like some have said above, it’s situational. On top of that, it takes practice and there’s a learning curve. I don’t think I ever really and truly got the hang of it, personally. Back in the day though, some people SWORE by that gun.


Really now? I always thought back then they just wanted the conference call instead, it’s good to hear it was getting some love.


Nope. Flakker for the win! There was a bit of a cult around it…


This is a very apt way to say for sure.


Also i love the sawbar.

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Wanderlust “build” (just a good gun build, really). If you throw enough Vel0city at it, the darts can catch pretty much any moving thing in the game… Rakk, Surveyors, and even Bandit Technicals in full speed running across the desert, no matter how many stops, hairpin turns, or whatever the target makes. If the Surveyor punks out and throws up its reflective shield? The rounds bounce off it, circle around back, and hit it in the butt. This is at OP3 with 20% BAR on, and an on-level weapon. Did I mention that you don’t even need to aim? The darts take care of that. Gaige can do quite well with this also, as the darts are almost Anarchy-proof (and despite you seeing them “bounce” off walls, that doesn’t count towards Close Enough, and they get full impact damage). @Kurtdawg13, what element are those Wanderlust? @welcometothegrun knows what time it is.

Other overlooked weapons with interesting mechanics (not just weapons that are overlooked because they don’t hit hard, or aren’t actually overlooked but aren’t a Pimpernel either):

  • Landscaper (no other weapon lays proximity mines: you just need to get the timing right to hurt the enemy and not yourself)

  • Evil Smasher (hardest-hitting assault rifle that I know of when powered up: you just need to be a little patient while reload-canceling for the next power up). I, personally, find this weapon mechanic very entertaining.

  • Godfinger (seriously hard hitting at distance, but as @Abvex pointed out, there’s a sweet spot somewhere between, “farther than most people are comfortable with” and “across the state line” where the multiple in-line shot spread begins to show). You can also trigger, what, seven extra rounds much sooner by shooting through another target (I’ve yet been able to contrive a test where I could confirm that these could be combined somehow).

  • Bunny (no matter how big the magazine is on this thing, when you reload toss it, it will only cost one rocket). I have a largely Bandit one, and with some mag size buffs, can get the rocket count to 10. If I fire one and toss the remaining 9 in a reload, that bouncing thing only costs one rocket but hits for nine(ish). Due to the unpredictability of the reload, it’s best tossed from the safety of a high or protected place (and almost every map has them if you look, though this certainly limits its safe use). As I think about it, I need to let Axton play with it a little.


I actually liked that video, very good work utilizing it as an anti air weapon for the buzzards.

I think I have electric, incendiary and slag. not positive as it has been a while. I need to pull them off my mule and let Zero have some fun. I like your vid. you got a +1 Sub from me. :slight_smile:

Subscriptions are weird… I usually turn off notifications, since most of what I upload are random things like that for the “every post must have a video” thread, but thanks. I think most of my “videos” have like three or four views. :laughing:

Your shock one can be pretty epic in Gaige’s hands (though it won’t be able to catch flying/driving enemies if they’re in motion). Slag is handy with Zer0 for “remote” slagging.

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I will be down for a Godfinger test if you like, some of it would be easier to observe on coop.

then I’m in good company. That’s about the numbers I get. :blush:

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