Why So Much Negativity? BB Has SOOOO Much To Offer!

I STILL don’t understand the negativity being directed at BB by so many of you.

Sure, there are balancing and matchmaking issues, and PS4 still seems to be blessed with the largest surviving playerbase, and I have literally hundreds of friends on my friend list for BB, so perhaps I am biased, but it seems like there have been very high levels of negativity being directed towards this game by people who once loved it.

It still has SO much to offer!

After 1000 hours and almost 65,000 combined kills / assists / deaths, I feel like I’m almost just getting fully into it as I have reached a new skill level (kind of) of actually being able to play offensively, rather than supportively, and it makes me want to get deep into a bunch of characters who I’ve never been very good with!

I am just saddened lately because, even with everyone i know, it’s becoming harder by the day to find a group of friends to group up with for BB, and there have been a lot of negative forum threads as well which have started to drive some of my friends away.

Let’s reignite the passion for this amazing game and its awesome characters!


Maybe because Overwatch came out around the same time and had more put into advertising.

Also because people are mad it’s not Brderlands 3.

I personally like BB though.

I stil hold resentment for the game having MT’s, and what’s the point of playing if PvE stays server dependent, knowing that they wont be up forever (specially with this playerbase).

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I think the negativity results from the reasons mentioned above.You can cherish all the beautiful art style and BB and dialogues, but it doesnt matter if you don’t get into a game to experience them.

Bots Battle was a genius implication cause it offers for beginners a gaming expericence and for experts at least fast matches, where nobody quits(except some low level players).

The new queues could be a change, but the problem is, like always most of the players try to break them like warfare rumble. Sometimes it appears it only matters, that players use the most OP Setups to win.


I just keep thinking this - 1000 hours in and im only REALLY good with a few characters…imagine taking the time to get really good with ALL the characters!

Adding to that:
After I had Beatrix mastered (making it 3 of 4 characters I love, finished) there was no point either to stay. And the Ops missions are so hit or miss that I couldn’t bother with 4 and 5.

It’s because in these modern times, people get really antsy when they don’t get any news for a few weeks. It’s adorable, really.

Then there was the group that decided there was gonna be some big BB or BL3 reveal at PAX, and then there wasn’t so they got pissed.

Also Melkagate happened, effectively alienating half our Australian delegation here, so that didn’t help things…

It’s been a wierd couple of months. Tensions are high. But Winter’s over now.


you nailed a lot of the issueson the head. I haven’t been active for the past week due to spring break, but coming back to the forums feels a lot like this:

I can definitely tell there’s a lot of stir-craziness, from both vets and newbies on these forums.

I think a lot of it was SUCH a good cliffhanger ending to heart of ekkunar, but theres been absolutely ZILCH in terms of where this game is going (balance wise, DLC wise, playerbase wise) when they could have capitalized on that hype and announced season 2 (or confirmed it wasnt going to happen)

I finally got every character’s lore legendary and every mutation in the game, I’m still going to grind levels and farm for good legendaries that still evade me.

personally, those mellka changes really irked me, especially as I had never experienced this harrasser that was apparently the bane of everyone’s existence. however, those new changes that just rolled out seemed to have breathed new life into her, and I’d be fine keeping those stats as long as they switch some helixes around (such as slow on claw lunge etc). the fact that galilea and benedict ruled the meta (and still do!) and received very few nerfs (and even some buffs over time) while a fun character that kept getting the nerf bat to near unusability definitely farmed some resentment towards balance.

I think the fact that we had 3 weeks straight of “no changes! we have pax and competition and everything” when pax was honestly a pretty big letdown. they had the setup of the BL easter eggs being discovered and the release of HoE to usher in the season 2 and it went down with a laughable whisper. I’m unsure who makes the decisions (and my gut feeling is that it’s not jythri/GBX) but they don’t seem to know how to hype up a community.

while this can be ridiculous for some communities, it’s been 5+ months since the last major balance update (aka october 13). the winter update had some amazing changes (dojo, balancing for caldy and thorn, gear buffs, bug fixes, 60 FPS!!!) but that really doesn’t help when the the communities deems a lot of balancing lacking. months of “we’re looking to rework gali” but throwing mellka overboard sowed a lot of disdain.

The fact that we’ve also had the new PVP mode just sitting there in our stats page with literally no word on it also doesn’t help (but i’m guessing this is due to the dislike of meltdown finale, similar to ops reworks upon feedback of main stories)

So: as my book length response goes, I 100% see where some negativity comes from. there’s a lot going on that just doesn’t feel like devs have reigns on. I’m guessing this is due to a mix of them not actually seeing the problem (like stats about K/D) and bureaucratic issues (releasing future plans like PVP and season 2), but that doesn’t discount the fact that I’ve played BB nearly daily since the winter update came out. eventually, if nothing major comes up in another month or so, I might get truly bored with the game and getting stomped by gali and bene (and i’m by no means a bad player)


I don’t think it’s “balance” Problems so much as “not everyone wants to take the time / put the effort in” to get good enough to perform at what has become quite a high average skill level of PVP.

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I do my best to be positive but having trained in Demings Quality system I grade QA in this game very poorly.

  1. I’ve used support for this game 3 times, 3 failures.
  2. The connection has been lost hundreds of times. (Steam and the Meta server)
  3. On my main account the achievements are bugged, posting directly to Gbox has been ignored.

I could go on, more than 2,000 hours in this game, but I’m breaking my own rules by focusing on the negative things.

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More than 2000?!?

For real?!!


My negativity stems from the lack of update and carrot dangling the Devs have been doing. Only thing I hate.


The issues I’ve had is the fact that even with all the connection issues, the fact that how many battle plans were nothing but some lore and “see you next week” and then the fiascos that are gearbox panels at pax expos(not just the most recent one but pax west as well) is that it seems like they’re trying to nudge folks into “the latest game” and that you can hear the deafening silence on some topics from the devs even when they’re tagged left and right.(think how long they went silent on the Australian server issues until they finally admitted there was nothing they can do)…those are things that don’t make a community feel cheerful because if they go under com silence for so many people then they can very easily go silent on other issues.

Positivity is all well and good but insisting on positivity when you see issues going on doesn’t make things magically better, that is called naivete in my personal opinion.

Criticism is how they can fix issues and help them prioritize what the big issues are(the purpose of the post I made)


at least when they announced the winter update, it was like a month+ before it was actually released, but I really didn’t mind it.

for one, I knew it would be great for the game and I was prepared to wait for such great changes

2, I understand there is a level of beauracracy that they had to get the patch validated by microsoft/sony

however, it’s frustrating seeing the new PVP mode, the “hang tight till next week” battleplans, and lack of character balances that we know are coming with absolutely no word.


I DON’T see the issues, though.

I am not Australian.

I’m on PS4.

I have good internet.

I have plenty of people to play with.

“Balance” issues have never bothered me.


I have a BLAST every time i play.

Im in 5 Battleborn PS4 chats each almost full (almost 100 people in each), and, aside from saltiness over loving matches? It’s RARE for any of the issues brought up so loudly and frequently on these forums to EVER be brought up in those chats.

Then you lucked out on a lottery, that doesn’t mean things are good for everyone though, and that excuse is shameful even to hear



What excuse?

I’ll reply to that on psn as my choice of language might bother someone’s sensibilities

Please do.

Im on right now!

Thus must be the first forum you participate. There’s negativity on every single forum for all games.