Why so much secrecy when it comes to anointed stats?

I really dont get why GearBox did this to us, why they didnt provide us with more anointed info, like the duration, the exact numbers of what is increased.

Terror anointed items… omg about this items, besides the fact we have no dummy on sanctuary to properly test them, we cant even compare them with normal anoint stats, the most annoying one is with increased crit dmg the more terror we have… wtf? How am I suppose to know if its better than 25% crit dmg one after action skill end ? Another one with a increased chance for a extra projectile… what… ? What is the chance ?? Does it stack with tw0 fang ?? The lack of info on anointed general items and specially event ones is crazy, how come nobody complains about that ? Am I the only one who cares ?


I doubt you’re “the only one who cares”, it’s more like a combination of:

•Players are firmly entrenched in their preferred playstyle and ignore new stuff.
•Players get outraged when the developers try to nudge them towards trying something different.

(I guess you can call those generalizations, but that’s the impression I get from all the sour threads on this forum)

The lack of detailed info does bug me, and I wish it was available somewhere in-game so I don’t have to use Wiki every 10 goddamn seconds. But I’m guessing it’s like that to cut down on info clutter in-game. I can accept that reason because I don’t want to look at Diablo-esque item cards that fill the entire screen, but…we need the info somewhere! Haha

I test stuff by just using it. If I can kill stuff comfortably without dying too much, then that’s it, I’m satisfied, I don’t need exact numbers. But I know others prefer to know exactly how much “better/worse” certain stats are.

Idk , i love BL3 but gearbox just leave so much small issue like this

I mean it comes down to inventory space. Is it worth trashing other anointed gear for this new terror mechanic. Once the event ends you will need a full set of terror anointed gear to proc the synergy. Also you would need to farm an entire set of gear before you could even test this. And then at then end of the day if it doesn’t out-preform the current best in slot 50% more elemental damage after action skill end on next two mags you would have wasted significant time and inventory space.

its have plenty dummy on our galaxzy - o -
why you not pick one of them ?
I always at city vending machine. so when I found new gun pop up . I can go shoot 2 maliwan solider
outside. they came out from container for me always :>

I mean, this “secrecy” isn’t exclusive to anointments. Some skills are additive, some are multiplicative, and some don’t do exactly what the card reads. We even had to time how long kill skills last, and how long it takes for some stacks to start decaying as well as the rate of decay.

It’s been this way in every Borderlands game and almost every other RPG out there. Community testing is how we crunch the raw numbers, it’s always been this way and that’s what metagaming achieves. If every detail down to the decimal place was listed, you’d spend more time reading than playing, and many probably wouldn’t understand it. Community resource guides exist for this reason.


The short answer, is that this “secrecy” exists to encourage you to play the game.

I love my in-game stats as much as the next player, but there’s something to be said for taking your shiny new gear for a spin firsthand.

Stats are important, but they’ll only ever tell you so much. The rest is all about playing the game and trying things out.

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Good luck getting crits when terrified lol

Ahhh. The min-maxers got triggered lol.

Yep I agree with you. The modifiers need much more description.