Why That Hero You're Complaining About Doesn't Actually Suck

I see countless posts about this or that hero being under-powered, too weak compared to this, and the like; and I’m here to tell you, stop.
You’re wrong.
The CTT was more heavily about Phoebe being too strong, which she was, but very quickly after Early Access rolled around I met a lot of disdain towards Reyna, Caldarius, Benedict…the list goes on, but I noticed a trend: most of the complaints were at heroes with Advanced difficulty; but why?
Well, it seems obvious now that I’ve pointed it out, no? These heroes aren’t ones you can just pick up and play. Like with many other characters and their playstyles across many other games, they take practice. Practice that a lot of people seem to either forget about or just write off entirely.
I’m not saying the game’s perfectly balanced, because it’s not! (And that’s okay, but that’s another topic.) What I’m saying is next time you start to compare Thing 1 to Thing 2 without really understanding either or, you’re gonna have a bad time.


Aside from obvious nerfs that are needed asap, we should really give the game some time so that gearbox can gather the data and work of it.


I’m still going to say whisky foxtrot needs a buff.


Caldarius and Benedict don’t need buffs.

Reyna needs her shield lockon ability to be easier to target and use. Sometimes when it gets hectic you struggle trying to find a teammate to target. Make it easier to tag a teammate.

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It’s easier to complain that characters need a buff than it is to improve one’s skill. /End thread

Although I still agree Galilea needed a nerf. A reduced damage output is definitely a step in the right direction

I’ll never understand how people can ever think Benedict needs a buff. He is an absolute monster, especially when he gets Heavy Bombardment and Surgical Strike upgrades.

I’ve seen plenty of people claim that Attikus is weak and needs a buff, but I do believe he just needs a few changes to his Helix to be as versatile as the other characters, not a buff per se, but some minor tweaks.

Gameplay-wise, he’s an absolute behemoth. A buff would honestly just make him overpowered, when more options is all he needs for people to embrace him more.

seen plenty of people claim that Attikus is weak and needs a buff, but I
do believe he just needs a few changes to his Helix to be as versatile
as the other characters, not a buff per se, but some minor tweaks.

Gameplay-wise, he’s an absolute behemoth. A buff would honestly just
make him overpowered, when more options is all he needs for people to
embrace him more.

I tried to play atticus at a low level when I first unlocked him and just hated him, was completely baffled to see his thing mark him as a “disruptor” when he has one actual push that’s also his finisher and his gap bridger and his slow on the same long cooldown. The only other real thing he has going for him is his ULT but only if he’s got 5 kills under his belt and doesn’t need to use any other cooldowns.

I also saw that he was labeled as an “easy” character, but figured maybe that wasn’t the case so I left him be. Now at lvl 50 I have been coming back to him and still can’t wrap my head around him at all. Maybe he’s supposed to be a tank character too or something? But if the game Brink taught us anything at all it’s that in FPS games, having a higher health pool and a large slow body negates the health pool unless there is some way to stop or slow damage.

For him to be good, I would like him to get the ability to charge up abilities and not choose one to blow it on (as in, have 5 minion kills and use a charged leap but still also able to use his charged ult but have to kill more minions for a second charged leap) and have some kind of slow not tied to his pushback and escape mechanics on a long cooldown.

He’s pathetic as a disruptor(only saving grace is his charged ult), weak as a tank, mediocre as damage… and somehow easy to get the hang of. Meaning maybe the devs wanted people to play him by just walking around and punching something in front of him until he died?

Whiskey Foxtrot without the helixes you unlock do suck a bit. ^^ the rest are fine as is. .

I think we need to be careful about this mindset though.

We don’t want to go down the road of many Heroes of the Storm characters where each level there’s 3-4 talents to choose from but basically ends up being one talent build to rule them all.

All helixes should feel viable and should open different playstyles. Saying a character is fine when you unlock the additional mutations is basically saying this hero is fine with 5/10 levels already prechosen for you.

I’m pretty sure Whiskey Foxtrot is inferior in almost every way to Oscar Mike.

Don´t be bugged to much, the forums are going crazy now, it will cool down soon. I hope.
Personally: I´m ignoring 99% of the “Re-De-Un-Nerf-Buff”-topics. Its mostly content produced by sore people who lost and feel treated “unfair”.

In the meantime I highly recommend this glorious fun game @Psychichazard put up. It made my last week here alot more relaxing! :heart:


Yeah I main Ambra most of the time and attikus is one character I try to stay away from especially late game. Lol seems like he just waddles all over the field punching things and taking no damage lol

He seems to work quite well for me… http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/V0LUM3/video/17397254

I can’t remember a game where I didn’t have top damage.

Totally agree. Every character has a beast mode. If you cant figure it out it might not be your playstyle.

The problem with Whiskey is that Oscar Mike does everything he does better. One of the best waveclear in the game at level 2 while Whiskey needs to wait until 6, and that is assuming Whiskey has that helix unlocked. Better burst damage with napalm grenades detonating instantly and being significantly easier to hit with a much shorter cast time. An escape ability or a way to get behind sentries with cloak while Whiskey is very immobile. The only way I can think Whiskey can out DPS Mike is if every shot he shoots is a headshot. Using any ability with Whiskey also lowers his dps with how long the cast times are. He can be good, sure, but he is worse than his counterpart in almost every regard. If you can play a great Whiskey you can play an amazing Mike.

On a side note Whiskey is the only character without a charging attack (like Thorn and Toby) that can’t hold down the trigger to keep firing. Even Marquis and Benedict who have single shot weapons can keep firing with the mouse/trigger held down, it makes Whiskey annoying to play.


I can’t play this hero and get 20 kills a game like that other guy can, this hero sucks.
I owned against these heroes oh no this new hero killed me 5 times they are to op.
Im a melee getting killed by ranged, that ranged is to OP.
Im playing a complex character for the first time and im not on top of kills, this character needs a buff.
I rushed head first into a 5v5 fight and got owned this hero sucks.
Gal is to OP i need to make the 148th forum about it because there hasn’t been a new Gal is OP forum in over an hour.

ect ect ect. Its been out two weeks, it takes time to find the hero right for you.


This is the typical lazy argument that has become way too popular these days, people are too afraid of admitting developers making a mistake so of course blame the individual player and call them unskilled. Of course we all can’t be pro players but developers aren’t god designers masters of the universe they make mistakes there is nothing wrong with and ebb and flow in community design and playstyles. The real problem are people who tell others not to complain, complaining is good as long as you’re doing it out of love and not trying to harass the devs or community members it’s called ’ FEEDBACK’ and it’s essential in marketing stop with this perfect product imaginary stuff. Sometimes a hero does suck from whether from being too strong and making things too easy and thus deviating from intentional design, or being unable to viably compete with others. Not all character are just going to be created even, maybe galil and phoebe wouldn’t need nerfs if everyone performed on their level which is the counter argument of buff weak characters like whiskey or nerf way too strong ones to give weaker characters a fighting chance.

Problem ive found is there is little constructive feedback on the forums about characters, its all this sucks that sucks change this alot of people can’t politely say somethings wrong. Ive had a look in the character forums ive found little “tips for playing this guy” .

Balance changes need to be made for sure, but all the character changes won’t help if your not playing someone you feel right playing, some heroes aren’t meant to go head to head against another hero, heck if everyone was equal that would be a pretty boring game, take the time to learn what to do against a certain hero in a given situation learn all the little tips and tricks over time, no one can master the game instantly and if you did, that wouldn’t be too fun anyway.

TL;DR: Game changes are needed, but talking time to learn the hero you’ve chosen is equally important

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Caldarius, Benedict & a few others are characters that need to be learned & played to their strengths, so that’s why ppl complain about them when they first start playing. I didn’t think much of Caldarius in the beta, but he’s one of my favorites now that I’ve had time to play him quite a bit.

BUT there are some characters that are generally just weaker than the others. Experienced players can get the most out of them, but they would do even better w/ better characters.