Why the cryo immunity on Annointed? really messes with Zane's viability

Concept: You’re plowing through enemies, with your Cryo Bitch. One after the other youre running fast with either your Kill Skill or Bully Zane Build. But you run into an annointed. And you literally can’t damage it. A lot of your damage buffs and effectiveness comes from using cryo. and you just spend like half an hour or more trying to kill this dude.

I can only guess the reason is because they don’t want Annointed to be frozen, but just make them immune to being slowed/frozen? and just keep the normal damage? OR make them last a really short time before thawing out. It’d be really nice.


This has been said a lot, but you don’t need cryo weapons for cryo Zane. Yes, it’s annoying that there’s an entire damage type that annointed are immune to, but you don’t have to use it.

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I have a theory that the engine has a problem with giving an enemy multiple frozen states. When anointed die they enter a melee breakable frozen state. They probably had issues with cryo prematurely triggering that state. I see no other reason to completely nuke an elemental type.


I had the exact same thought.
If that Was the case, do you think this would be a fixable issue?

That’s one way of looking at it. In my mind, it’s because you and your friends can just cryo lock annointed enemies and completely remove the challenge those enemies present

I don’t think you can cryolock the way cryo works.
You have to Deal 80% damage (with 100% efficiancy) to freeze an enemy. So they only freeze once or twice tops before they die

But you can get guns that have close to 300% cryo efficiency… and doesn’t have Zane have skills that let him increase his cryo efficiency ? (I’m totoally guessing on that)

If it’s engine bound, there’s rarely a fix. Crit swapping? That’s the engine. It holds data like critical hit modifiers on the equipped weapon instead of the projectile, I think.

I’ve been wondering this stuff a lot. Amara xan actually phasegrasp some immune enemies through a Dragon com melee kill on an add. Which means to me that even after making anointed freeze proof, something broke.

Possibly: making them freeze immune made their death not work.

Another possibility is that slowing them broke them somehow. Perhaps it locked them in teleportation land.

Yes but I wouldnt See a Problem to reap benefits if you heavily invest into one playstyle.
300% efficiancy would freeze enemies if you Deal 40% damage of their health. So you would freeze 3 times. More if shielded and armored. But I still don’t See an issue balancing wise.
If you invest into cryo, you should be rewarded.

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Oh, them not being freeze capable makes lots of sense, though, honestly, they’re the enemy freeze would have been made for. What is at question is why not let cryo hurt them but make the effect impossible. That’s what I’m seeking to explain with my theory

That’s a good question. I know that Zane can apply the cryo “slow down” effect on annointed enemies via some of his perks. No clue why they are completely immune to the damage type though. Maybe they need to be immune in order to avoid being statused

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Makes sense but dang… I really wish they’d at least take damage.
There is no Statement of GB weather immunity is intended or just ja work around, right?

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I’ve worked professionally with Unreal 4 for years, and there is nothing in the engine that would prevent them from creating status priorities (so one overwrites the other). Crit swapping is also a perfectly solvable problem.

Their implementation within the engine may have made it hard to fix, but that’s squarely on Gearbox, not Unreal. Considering they had to upgrade from Unreal 3 to Unreal 4, and rewrite swaths of code to do so, there is no reason they couldn’t have fixed the crit swapping bug from their earlier code in the process.


They haven’t said anything about it. Not even anything in game about their cryo immunity. At least “shock skag is immune to shock” makes sense. This one leaves a big hole that just makes me curious. Because it’s all anointed, all the time.

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Oh, interesting. I know nothing of Actual Coding, and just what I read around these parts and what I can deduce from my current understandings.

That said, possible doesn’t necessarily mean easy for them. They might have a lot of stuff leaning on other things and changing one thing could force them to rework a lot? But also, again, outside my realm of expertise

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I’m going to guess they coded themselves into a corner with their particular implementation of things, and in order to make Borderlands 3 quickly they just had to port as much as they could wholesale so that their old processes would still work.

And when you are spending so much time porting to a new engine, you are inherently behind, because that’s time you could have spent making the game. They probably just looked at their time and priorities and put it in the backlog for later.

So, it’s probably half right - it’s an issue in their derivation of the engine, and they haven’t figured out how to solve it without rewriting their entire weapon/inventory system - which is inherently high risk, takes a lot of time, there is a ton of other stuff to fix, and eh, the game works, right?


They’ve got other priorities - absolutely understandable.
I’m just curious if this could ever get adressed tho. It’s a pain, but not gamebreaking.

But your theory is very intriguing!

Lol I mean they generally just wonder around like lost kids on a beach, but I get your point.

Me too. I bet it’s true it’s something in coding. I can’t imagine that the gameplay loop team (whatever they’re called) and the code team were so oblivious to each other that they created an entire player class around something you couldn’t fight as that player.


Which is actually a stupid arbitrary thing for them to not want since Amara can just use her action skill and act like she’s fighting a trash mob. :confused: It really feels like with these things they just come up with random ideas and don’t bother to really think out the implications on each VH and in each scenario. It’s like they just come up with something, ya that should be fine and move on. Hence the obviously rushed and untested Mayhem mode, the perm cryo these stupid skulls put on you and a whole host of other super annoying things that somehow made it in.

Hey looks like theyre removing the Cryo Immunity! HYPE!