Why the exclusive character for PS4?

“Pitchford also revealed that PlayStation players who partake in the open beta in 2016 will receive a 26th hero as a free gift after the game launches on May 3, 2016.”

So why does Battleborn make an exclusive character for PS4 and not make it available to other systems? Skins are one thing, but isn’t this game supposed have some semblance of competitive, how is that going to make that happen if you make exclusives? This could really hurt the fanbase, it’s already making me (and I’m sure others) consider refunding the pre-order and just jumping to Overwatch because at least it’s on equal footing across the board. I love this game but why Gearbox, would you make a game (and could be like the next big MOBA thing like when Dota started up over a decade ago) and do this? I can’t be the only one feeling so disappointed. This game not only has a lot of potential as a casual game, but also has a huge ability to hit the competitive scene, but not if playing favorites with game-altering content. Even if the character would be available to get on the consoles at a later date, it truly doesn’t bode well for the future. Again (I don’t mean to compare again and beat the dead horse) games like Dota have all characters available along with any bonus content free, but does so well because cosmetics sell. You could not release anything to sell but skins and you’d still make a profit, even more so if you opened up a community market. But please, please, please don’t make it pay to win! I’ve been waiting for a unique game like this for a long time, it’s why I’m going to school for this industry. This could be your golden ticket Gearbox to not only hit the big leagues, but also have an immortal franchise/income so please don’t let it slip away!

Link for Sauce: http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/12/05/psx-2015-battleborn-exclusive-character-on-ps4-new-hero-revealed

You misunderstood.
The character WILL be playable to all platforms, it’s just the PS4 guys who also played the beta will get that character for free. If you’re a PS4 guy who didn’t participate in the open beta; you’ll have to pay just as everyone for the 26th character. Why they did that? guaranteed money from Sony, I assume.
Also, Toby will be playable only on PS4 during the beta – that’s all for the exclusive stuff.

But why make characters pay to win in a competitve environment? It creates an uneven playing field. Just doesn’t make sense when skins would be just as reliable and easier source of income.

Well, we don’t know if those characters are going to be pay for win. At the end of the day, we have a full roster of 25 characters to chose from. I can’t imagine a situation when we’re going to suffer from getting new characters aka new content. This is how the world are gonna be; Just as we paid 10 bucks for each new character in Borderlands, we’ll have to pay a similar cost for new character in Battleborn.

As for the exclusive stuff, yeah, we can’t help that and it’s really a bummer, but it’s not really going to hurt the competitive side on battleborn, again, because we have already so much characters and diversity to pick from – that’s what gonna sets Battleborn apart from Evolve, TBH.

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I don’t think that ‘temporarily exclusive’ = ‘pay to win’ at all. I’m strongly against ‘pay to win’, by the way…I just don’t think this is happening here.


I agree with both of you and I do wish extra heroes would be free to everyone. But wouldn’t an extra character unbalance the factions. Every faction has 5 heroes and one is going to have 6 making it a bit awkward.

You are assuming the 26th character is OP with 0 information on that character. You need to calm down and realize a few things.

  1. This character will be available as DLC to everyone who buys Battleborn. This is not a PS4 exclusive character, and even if it was there is no cross-platform play, so XB1 and PC players wouldn’t have to worry about it if that was the case.

  2. This character is only free to PS4 players that participate in the beta. I’d wager that the vast majority of PS4 players will not participate in the beta because they either haven’t heard of Battleborn, or just aren’t interested in betas. So plenty of PS4 players will have to “pay to win.”

  3. Distribution decisions are usually make by the publisher, not the developer. I can’t speak for Battleborn since I haven’t worked on the game, but I assume that the decision to give the 26th character to PS4 players was made by 2K, not Gearbox, so you’re on the wrong forum. If you want to know why, talk to 2K, but I can already wager a guess: Sony offered 2K money for exclusive content, and 2K gave that money to GBX so they could make the game.

The game isn’t even out yet, and you’re complaining about OP pay-to-win DLC characters that haven’t even been revealed. Calm down.


If each new character costs money to develop, why would they release it for free?

Because Battleborn has MOBA elements…MOBA’s are generally F2P, so some people seem to expect a full price game to have f2p character “prices” for some reason.

Regardless of how much more comtent is available by comparison…

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And in many Moba games there is so many heros that you can unlock but it would take really long time to get them all. And you have the pay element also so you can get them instantly. In battleborn you get 25 and a small fraction get one for free

Actually I’m not assuming the additional character is OP, nowhere in my post did it even elude to that. Even if the character is mediocre, people should still have access to it with equal opportunity to fail. Have you played a MOBA before? Every character pick matters, from strats, combos, counters, niche plays, etc. Restricting the access makes it so people have a broader advantage through variety. Even if it’s just ONE character, it’s a balance issue between the sytems, and we know they’ll make more. So before you become condescending with the “calm down” line, you need to understand some things yourself like reading or paying attention/playing in pro circuits. I’ll address these as well:

  1. We’ll say that the 26th hero is available to all, but as purchased content. It creates a paywall, however small, to allow people to retain the same competitive edge (we’ll explore this later). You do realize that in competitive they make you all play the same system, not every one that can support it? In any other game it would be PC because those can be provided, but with the Sony pandering it will more than likely show up on PS4 than anywhere else. Why could that be a problem? Because consoles cant use mouse and keyboards, but PCs support MaK along with both console controllers. Therefore, even if the PS4s are provided in the events, PC players are at a distinct disadvantage. If it was a PS4 exclusive, then it wouldn’t matter but it isn’t. Just because you’re oblivious and don’t care about the competitive, doesn’t mean you can wave off and seem credible or even helpful.

  2. So what you’re saying is because only a small percentage of individuals on PS4 will have the character, it won’t make them instantly have an advantage through variety. You know what also has a small percentage but generates huge amounts of money and attention for a company? Pro scenes. Way less than 1% of players in games actually go professional, but hey since when did small numbers count right? More of your hand waving, nothing to see here.

  3. You’re right on this point, you’re not a developer or publisher for them so you cant speak or assume for them. You’re using inaccurate reasoning called False-Premise, stop it. If Gearbox wants to sell out to a company and lose incredible amounts of money, ignoring how other MOBAS/developers have had success, fine. However they will lose business in the short run, and for such a small title it needs everything it can get to even stay alive for more than 3 months.

Bonus 4. As to your additional comment on this post, I would strongly urge you to look at other games released that are hugely successful like DOtA 2 (which is free to download, play, and all 111+ characters are are available for everyone) or CSGO which are some of the highest grossing games in the world using only skins. Maybe consider looking beyond your casual play, otherwise you wouldn’t using the Socratic Method and horribly failing.

sony scratches 2k’s back, 2k blends gearbox’s smoothie… the sample cup goes to sony to see its influence on nail growth for future back scratching. a ha, it works! and tastes so delicious: new flavors for all!

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Since when was $60 free?

Because you can invest the money you win with something else to make the said free character.
Like: Paid skins (No balance issue) which finance a free character (Balance issue).
Also: More content, more sales.

That’s how some free-to-play games (And a whole lot of things in the Market) work: Free stuff financed by paid stuff.
Looks at Guild Wars 2, before the extension: Every updates where financed by either the Store (Which is either Convenience stuff or skins) or the fact that adding new content bring new peoples (Who buy the game)
Killing floor did that too, GTA V is doing that right now. Etc…

It’s really a simple thing.

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When did I say that?

Right here.

It’s simple but incredibly profitable. +1

It must have been a typo. I meant that everybody get 25. And a small fraction get the 26 for free

I think @CECShocktrooper is implying that the game costs $60 to even get the first 25 characters because it is not a f2p game.

Having even just temporary access + it then being released as content with a fee both = an advantage you are going to have to pay for to keep up. That is pay to win.

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