Why the F%#k is there still friends list limits?!?!

Hoping GearBox sees this and answers why in 2020 do we still have friends list limits, is your DISK SPACE that precious that you can’t afford such a meager sized file? I mean FFS, it just makes no sense when you can have multiple 1000 terra byte drives!!!

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It’s 2020, why aren’t you playing the game in an environment where your friends list is not dependent on an in-game management system?

It’s 2020, why even have friends? (Asking for a friend)


What are these friends everyone keeps talking about?


What platform are you talking about here? It may be a platform restriction more than anything else.

There’s a restriction with shift on how many friends you can have at a time. Not sure about epic or steam.

Oh, to have so many friends that you run out of space on your shift friends list…


How about when I couldn’t play Division 1 anymore because apparently the game would stall out when trying to figure out if my 700 friends were playing too? Couldn’t play the game anymore (so it’s been uninstalled for 2ish years).

And I suspect Rocket League’s latest update has a similar issue now. My work around for Rocket League is wait 3 minutes after going to the main menu. 2 minutes in it freezes solid for a whole minute and then all is fine.

So, I’ll take Gearbox’s version of not crashing or stalling. What platform are you on and what and where do you see limits?

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