Why the hate for Rubberized?

Not going to lie, I don’t really understand the hate for Rubberized grenades. I get why people don’t like Lobbed or Homing, but to me, Rubberized is actually one of the best grenade types. Even more so if it’s got a low fuse time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped a Rubberized Tesla at my feet to deal with melee enemies rushing me and watched them melt. Longbow is awesome, but I like the fact that Rubberized can be dropped at my feet and go off immediately. I can definitely see where some grenades would have issues (Corrosive Cloud and Fire Burst being prime examples), but for Tesla grenades, it’s great.

Now, I have seen people say that Rubberized grenades bounce randomly, and that can be true, but they always go forward in a straight line first. They only change direction when they hit something. And if they hit an enemy, then they go off rather than bounce. Assuming, of course, that you have a low (preferably 0.0) Fuse Time.


You said it yourself, you can’t really aim them. And it’s not like other types can’t get a 0.0 fuse. Also I’ve never seen someone who hates lobbed, it’s generally the 2nd best delivery method.


I have no problem aiming them, though.

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Can I interest you in a Bane? Perhaps a WTF? How about a Boompuppy?


if it cant kill a surveyor then i dont use it.
very annoying to aim, generally dont do a ton of damage against op8 enemies, bounces off of literally everything, and some can easily kill you (like the Bonus package)


I think it’s less “hate” and more “I’d rather not take the time/pay the respawn fees to practice”. Rubberized is something I learned to deal with, although I’ve only really had luck with a couple. Storm Fronts (I don’t enjoy that farm and generally take the first I get when I hit the field for one.), Rolling Thunders, and transfusions. The main problem is that they are difficult to be precise with so you have to keep your eyes open for situations where they work well. I tend to deploy them from above or through doorways into crowded areas, and usually more than one at a time. It’s one of those personal preference things this game is so full of.

I’ve not had a Boompuppy yet, but would like to try one (I imagine you could use it similar to a Rolling Thunder. I’m thinking about Wakey Wakey and stalker alley in the Fridge.) so maybe I’ll do that later. I enjoy a good WTF with my cookie cutter Engineer Axton. If the Bane didn’t cripple movement I’d learn to deal with the voice.

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Rubberized = nope.

I’ll only use them when it’s a transfusion and I’m leveling up a character. (If I need a transfusion at all for that character that is.)

Nah… no reasons at all to prefer rubberized. I feel like it was implemented just to create a less desiderable type of grenade drop! Btw you can deal with it, as you can find a use for a homing grenade, but rarely in common situations those would perform better than lobbed or longbow

I will give you every Bunny launcher I get if you would like, probably save me time over going to Overlook and dropping them in the grinder.
As others have said, it’s pretty straightforward to find lobbed (or other) grenades with low fuse times. I generally always have a 0.6 second fuse time or lower grenade in use. Heck, I’ve found green rarity grenades with 0 fuse time.
Since I can easily acquire low fuse time grenades I choose not to fiddle with fine-tuning my throws for rubberized. In battle it’s important to me to reduce the number of things I need to think about, and try to eliminate things that may slow me down like being really precise on a grenade throw (which is also why I prefer lobbed to longbow), using rubberized requires more heat-of-the-moment thinking and precise action, so I avoid them.

I suppose I should admit that I’ve only really used Tesla grenades, which are apparently safer than other grenades. I know the Corrosive Cloud and Fire Burst grenades are dangerous to the user, but I thought they were the exception. Apparently I was using the exception, and assuming that was the rule. My apologies.

No apologies needed!
There is no right way to play most games (there are some exceptions), the right way to play is how you like to play.

The reactions here are because you asked a question, and people are answering with their right way, not a dig on you, just how we answer the question you posed.

Play on! And never apologize on the internet anyway, it never works out :smile:


Jefe made a funny. What is it the kids say? LOL?

When I started playing I HATED longbow grenades cuz I was Sal and Gunzerking and spazzing out. I always missed. I’d throw those suckers all the way to the horizon. Took next two characters to OP8 too. No longbows. About level 65 on next one - Me phinully lurn-ed. Derrrrr…

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The number of times I’ve been killed by my own grenades and them not going where I needed them to is enough for them to earn and keep my ire.

Try it with a Zero-Fuse Tesla. No self damage, and you can drop it at your feet to deal with melee enemies. Takes some getting used to, but was my go-to for a very long time before I found the Fastball.

I don’t like dropping it at my feet, though. The enemy shouldn’t be that close to me to begin with.