Why the mobility nerf?

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #121

Am i the only one who use x movement speed when land a crit?

Caldarius is 100% agile character when not slowed… Without double jump i move around like i would with any other character.

Caldarius still have 1 escape skill and his ult if needed… His main weapon has a high accuracy, little recoil, fast reload and fast fire rate.

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(Natsume Ryu) #122

i havent used caldy much recently - the minion buffs means he’s too squishy for wave clear late game (the ai doesnt miss all that much more when youre double jumping), and the slows, especially the heavy slows are quite a nerf now, as it is very easy for others to burst him down while he’s barely moving.

in my connection, skills are never a good escape because by the time my latency activates it, itll be too late, plus im among those who find gravitic rush getting caught on odds and ends, so offensively is pretty much the only way to use it. ive had minions kill me waaaay up in the air in my ult before (and i dont hang around, i always dive imediately unless im just surveying because im in no danger), so thats no good unless im just fighting melees.

im in the camp that thinks cal should just have his thrusters slowed rather than removed - i believe removing them was the easy way out for gearbox if there was a bug with his lateral thrusters helix (i actually go lifesteal, again, i use his burst and melee offensively, or did, i need to reevaluate since the minion buff, but why would i buff his thrusters in a match where theyre inactive half the game?). otherwise he seems like too big of a risk to me when i can go deande and have occassional assassinations on top of harassment. shrug

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I admire anyone who can play in red bars, the last time i played caldi in red bars i spent 80% of the time crashing on a wall

(Natsume Ryu) #124

haha, ive had folks tell me they cant watch me play him on stream because it makes them sick, XD.
another reason why i never took any movement adjustors is because i need to know at all times exactly where ill end up, so i can compensate on aim. its fun and interesting.
i work late tonight, so by the time i get home ill be able to stream. maybe ill try caldy again if im not dead from the ‘black friday’ shoppers…

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I wish you energy to finish black friday alive

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(PSN: Hellyeah935 ) #126

That’s not the point. As a Caldarius main, I know he’s an excellent character and is probably the most mobile character in the game but really, removing thrusters while slowed is crippling and not necessary.

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #127

Then whats the point? I can do fine without double jump.

Is not game breaking like marquis and pendless. All you need is awareness and know who has slow and play around it.

(PSN: Hellyeah935 ) #128

I can do fine when slows are present as well but the point is that he’s put at a higher disadvantage than other mobile characters when slowed because of how vital his thrusters are thus creating an imbalance.

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #129

Ugh the thing is, I dont feel the inbalance… You are not usless without doble jump and have higher hp than melka, benedict right now is Op and needs to get fixed

He can do close/mid/long range, what he lacks is wave cleaning but chasing kills he is great.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #130

Caldarius has a much bigger hitbox then Mellka and Mellka still has 4 different ways to enhance her escape, all of which (while hindered) are not negated by slows. When slowed Caldarius has 2 escapes and one is his ult and to other has a 20 second cooldown compared to Mellka’s 15 and 14 second cooldowns.

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(PSN: Hellyeah935 ) #131

His thrusters are his main source of mobility. Disabling them when he’s tapped by the most common CC in the game doesn’t work. It’s basically a mini silence for the dude.

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(Triazic) #132

As was already mentioned, you have a far bigger hitbox as caldarius than as mellka (most-all of montana’s bullets hit him easily, as an example), and don’t have air-stall or slide.

(Not-Toby) #133

Oh, what’s to argue about?
The question “why?” was already answered: Caldy being able to pretty much override Slow CC with his talent wasn’t fair.

Answering the question “how?” will highlite the problem here, however. Gbx devs being bad with code is not a secret, terrible performace being excellent example, and they pretty much do things like that -bypassing the issue completely instead fixing it- all the time. When the right solution would be to shorten the overall thrust power=shorten the distance Caldy travels with thrusters on when under Slow CC, just like Slow shortens the distance moving characters traverse with every step, Caldy got his thrusters disabled under Slow CC - aparently devs weren’t able to apply Slow efect properly (thus it was affecting Attack Rate before).

Tl;dr Instead disputing whether Caldy needs his thrusters badly or not, focus on patching method: blame overall Gbx programers’ fudge, that’s the right thing to do.