Why the Montana Summer Skin doesnt shoot water instead of bullets?

It will be a great idea too add that little feature too make it more tropical A minigun that shoot Water bullet it sound weird but i really like if they add it I love that skin

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Add splash sounds.


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They’ve been going through and changing things (Conductor) and with Deande having purple fans proving color changes are a possibility (imposter) and sound effects (fun and games), this could be possible

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Please. For the sake of our eyes, use some grammar.

But I do wholeheartedly agree with you - that would be seriously cool to see. =D

English may not be their first language. Try showing some courtesy perhaps.

Oh, I’m sorry if it came across as rude. I understand - just I often see native English speakers make that mistake more than people for whom English is a second language.

Title edited for clearity :heart:

If you come across a post/topic title with very unclear grammar or wording just flag it so the moderators can take care of it.

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