Why The Scrap Cannon Is A Good Tool

I’ve noticed people complain about Whisky needing a buff. In particular people saying the scrap cannon is useless, that it doesn’t do enough damage. Well any good Whisky player knows that the scrap cannon is used as a ESCAPE tool, not for DPS. You always want to get “Flak Off” followed by “Scrap Bank” as Whisky. A pesky Rath coming at you and you know he’s about to DreadWind? Shoot him with the cannon and launch a sticky at the fool and scram. Are you stuck inside the Ultimate? Then give him a good old stab with the knife and introduce some scrap into his face. I’ve honestly never had a problem with the Scrap Cannon. And I’m sure with a little practice you will too.

But uh, you know. A buff still wouldn’t hurt :wink:


I think it’s also worth noting that even without knockback having three casts is pretty much worth an ult in damage, it can crit and you can spec it into an escape tool at level 6. Can get some decent air as Whiskey :smile:.

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I play WF in story mode and the cannon is very helpful in getting minions off of downed players, knocking them off of a cliff, and just keeping them out of your face so you have time to get some sticky bombs out. I go with “Flak Off”, “Scrap Bank”, and “Spread Shot” for upgrades. I thought about “Long-Distance Flak” but I generally use scrap when I’m close to an enemy, so it didn’t seem worth trading out spread shot for.

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Couldn’t agree more. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent a Galaliea flying across the middle of overgrowth with that setup.

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It actually is pretty damaging, especially if you tighten it’s spread via Helix.

I prefer the Weighed-down on nade, Swiss-cheese, Triple-Threat and Napalm.
I one-on-one Phoebe like that, and most melee actually (Except Rath, which i just slow and bail)

Except if you get Flak Off you give up his only tool for securing kills and you weaken his wave-stalling abilities.
If you see a Rath coming at you and you know he’s about to Dreadwind, you toss a sticky because his movement is predictable, then turn tail immediately and run until he gets bored.

The buffs Scrap Cannon needs are:

  • For it to be an instant cast rather than come out half a second after you press the button. It’s needlessly hard to aim combined with the fact that it’s projectile-based and not hitscan.

  • For his Swiss Cheese helix (damage amp + reveal) to apply for all sources of damage (if it doesn’t already and they just chose horrible wording for the upgrade) and get a small duration buff

  • Shield Scrapper to be changed into something completely new. It does not even come remotely close to competing with the other two upgrades.

  • Maybe get a small cooldown reduction

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I too am enjoying the slow helix more than knockback. Slow + triple +napalm really disorients enemies forcing them to run or it kills them.

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i enjoy the pushback, because you can push them back into the napalm 3 times and further you are able to push them off any cliff.

For me it seems like it has more knock-back (on average) with Long-Range Flak what with the tighter spread hitting with more scrap and all, but I’ve not tested it against non-moving targets and I’m not talking about point-blank range. I do feel like that while the Scrap Cannon is fine that it could have more options in it’s use. I suggest that it has the ability to detonate Sitcky Grenades for an alternative use for it. Request to re-arrange the Helix a bit and one minor change/buff
Having something else to do with scrap cannon might appeal to those who feel it is ‘too weak’, but at the same time using it for detonations would keep you from using it for the current utility reasons. The damage itself I do find lacking for the cooldown and compared to some of the other character’s skills, but I view it as a utility ability more than a damage ability, so to me the concession on agreeing with those saying the damage is lacking is pretty moot and feel those who are using it as a sheer damage tool aren’t using it for it’s intended purpose. I don’t personally take Swiss Cheese, but one could argue the added damage bonus from your rifle can be added to the Scrap Cannon for it’s ‘net damage’ considering that added damage wouldn’t be present without the use of the Cannon itself and all.

Playing on Temples and just scraping them off the edge.

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