Why the venom nerf?

Smh after you acknowledged that having venom on for 8 seconds wass annoying af why would you revert back to 8 seconds??

Because Gearbox has this idea that Mellka is going to be a melee/gunner hybrid and realized one of the issues of her melee is that the venom bonus doesn’t last long enough (and it only took them 9 months to do it and they still f***ed it up). So they are slowly destroying one of the best characters they have made in order to have her fit into the role they want.


I keep seeing this brought up and I’m thinking, isn’t this suppose to be Caldarius? Caldarius actually has helixes that give a worthwhile boost to his melee and Mellka only has one that she gets at level 9. Looking at Mellka’s helix, her main focus is supposed to be venom yet they took it away from her. I’m starting to get the feeling that they’re trying to replicate Caldy’s role in a different fashion.

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Yup. Caldy is the better melee/gunner hybrid.

The devs probably had the intent to make Mellka a melee/gunner but failed miserably at it. Which isn’t a bad thing. While they failed to make what they intended they accidentally made a super awesome, hyper mobile assassin that a lot of players love(d). I just wish they would accept the mistake instead of trying to change her into an awkward melee/gunner. Christopher Columbus failed to find a faster way to India, he instead found a brand new world full of opportunity. They didn’t say, “Let’s just level this new continent so we can get to India” they embraced his failure and capitalized on what it could become instead.


This^ tbh


Well this is my point of view, feel free to destroy it.

Melka is one of the most survival characters, 3 ways to escape: claw lunge, spike, air stall, her down side a crappy sprint speed but a nice quick meele to dodge some bullets.

Thats why they recuded her hp, to allow players to kill her faster, before she could run and heal. This indirectly screwed her meele concept. She has the worst meele range of all, but she has high movility to compensate.

Her venom time got reduced because it was unfair to have a character who could negate sentry shield for 13 seconds at lvl1. This nerf/buff screwed even more her meele concept.

Meele tactic got hit hard two times, the only way to compensate would be increase her meele, to reward the risk; but does she risk that much with 3 ways to escape? I think thats why they left it that way.

Untill now, they wanted to try to buff her meele, but with poison doing and a “high” dmg, her dmg dealt would increase a lot, thats why the first venom nerf we recently had. The second buff that was a hard nerf to her poison, was a way to allow players to try to poison a target, reload, meele, retreat while you shot.

This shaked the only decent helix path, melka dosent rly have a good synergi btw her skills, helix and meele concept. She has this huge spread on her pistol and low hp, her poisom gave her the extra dmg she missed from everything else.

Her meele hybrid style is something they cant change, is in her concept, who she is. But they could give a versatil/utility answear.

A) change her helix in two ways, bullets or her monster arm. This requires a lot of work and an update.

B) give her a new tool when meele, a 1 silence every 4 hits, a wound, a slow, a stun after a full combo, etc.

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So basically it Cali without bleed. If I wanted to play that playstyle I would have used Cali but I didn’t. Instead I chose Melka with her venom

You cant say that… You are ignoring 80% of her kit. But yes right now she is a wierd wanna be caldarius.

I can say that. Her venom dot was a LARGE part of her playstyle and identity. Now that is gone and the only buffs push Cali style play. They said they wanted to make melee viable well that was fine. Increase the damage to actually be worth the risk of using it while leaving her squishy. Instead they destroy one play style to force melee Melka.

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Venom is much more than 20% of her kit. It’s part of almost everything she does. Spike, Blade launcher, reloading, melee, and in her late game just plain attacking. Changing it at all drastically changes how she preforms.

U r speaking of her helix options, not her kit per se.

Spike dosent envenom unless partin gift, blade launcher still does a burst dmg like her canister explosion.

Poison by itself is where she got must of her dmg and wave clear, without it she is a wanna be caldarius.

I dont think she is usless now, @lequizachris have showed me over and over how he still can wreck ppl, it just got harder (im not saying she is fine at all). The diff with Eden is the red bar, she needed that poison, i have played a couple of times in red bar and everything miss, skills dont act like they should, try to hit with claw lunge is harder than it should be.

Poison is her core, devs are trying to move that core, but everyone who played melka before this nerf knows how much she needs the venom to be diff instead of wanna be caldarius.

Never claimed she was useless. She has lost her venom and identity. But have no fear Meldarius will soon arrive. Choice is if you would rather move more horizontal or vertical. Never be locked out of your Cali pick again!

Edit 90% of the time I play in red bar so I know all about the woes