Why the weapons need to be part of the story?

I would use laser guns in Borderlands 3, guns not need story, just add in the game.

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I agree with this.

Laser weapons never made it to Pandora because of a highly confidential and little-known incident involving Marcus and a straw. If you value your life, don’t ask. Anyone. Ever.
— Loading screen

Borderlands not need these explanations to put new weapons in the game. Because this, you may not have laser weapons in Borderlands 3.

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or take out old weapons, i never understood that either.

Are you saying, “Gearbox, please add laser weapons to borderlands 3. You don’t need to explain why lasers are back. It doesn’t matter that they weren’t in Borderlands 2.”?

They would explain it. Even if only in a side mission. Torgue might say, “a long time ago I made sure every laser weapon got destroyed because they were B.S. but since then I’ve turned a page and decided to allow them to exist because of capitalism and S*#&! I figure, people will realize on their own how crappy they are and think, I should sell this and get something with explosions!”

Okay, but why not? It’s not like a huge plot revolves around it, it’s more like a little detail put in to explain some stuff. I don’t see any big risk here, is all I’m saying.


Unfortunately, Borderlands seems to have a problem keeping little details consistent. The less there are, the better for the next writer.

Yes, sorry for bad english.

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It’s fine, don’t worry.

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I think this loading screen tip is just a tongue-in-cheek way to explain why no lasers appeared in BL2, and since I’m working from the assumption (dangerous, I know) that BL3 will not take place on Pandora, this will not prevent BL3 from having lasers. Or it could take place on Pandora with lasers, heck it would be pretty funny if they could find a way to explain the Marcus/straw thing.

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“I drink your milkshake.” :smiley:

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Simple: Explain that there was another incident involving a Pandoracorn, Some botched surgery, and an ill fated attempt to give Vending Machines sentience, and now there are Lasers on Pandora. Or they could make future games set of other planets that did have lasers, since Axton and Gaige, and presumably the other Bl2 Vault Hunters are out on other planets hunting the vaults.

At this point I just take whatever inconsistencies that come up as part of the Borderlands fun. :smile:

Maybe we could have a line of Torgue lasers in BL3?

Or if we want some kind of justification for such a thing - Torgue finds a way to make lasers explosive!


Or he’ll figure out how to make an exploding laser. Cause exploding lasers would be manly and metal as ■■■■.