Why there is no Atlas SMG's?

i like atlas weapons
but i seem cant find any smg’s

i think Atlas Only makes pistols ARs and launchers I haven’t seen a shotgun sniper or smg by them

kinda sad :confused: i like smg’s and pistols in this game
they have a nice feel

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I agree theyre the main gun types I use they feel nicer this time around compared to the other games

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If you look at manufacturers I think every one of them has certain weapon types they don’t make.

Hyperion doesn’t have rocket launchers or pistols that I can recall.
Vladof I believe doesn’t have shotguns or SMGs (It does cheat the no shotty thing with a legendary AR though.)
Torgue I think are missing snipers and SMGs
Jakobs doesn’t have Rocket launchers or SMGs
Maliwan is missing Rocket Launchers and ARs
CoV I don’t think have shotguns or snipers.


On a side note, I always feel like I’m playing Destiny when using one of their ARs.

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some of their regular guns and rifles have shotgun secondary fire

It’s been that way since Borderlands 2, maybe even 1, in 2 Jackobs doesn’t make SMGs or Launchers, Tourge doesn’t make SMGs or Snipers, not that anyone would use a Tourge Sniper, or anything but a Jackobs one TBH, Tediore didn’t make Snipers or ARs ect, it only makes sense that with the much nicer and more elaborate models in 3 that they would narrow it even more,

why even do this?
also i cant remember bl2 had atlas weapons
or am i dumb? :smiley:

To limit the amount of unique models needed to be made so the random gun parts don’t clip and for balancing reasons,

Atlas along with S&S Munitions were absent from BL2 and the Pre Sequel

Bandit took over S&S, its in the wiki.

And I’ve always wondered why Dahl never made shotguns.

Dahl work entirely around the idea of “accuracy and handling”. Shotgun would make no sense

I hate their whole mecanic of “alternative firemode” though. Being sometimes denied my full auto suck when your finger can do the whole 8click/sec anymore

Or just accurate as hell shotguns with reduced pellet damage?

Or Slug rounds.

Would still be strange considering the whole DAHL thing, and since they restrict weapon type by manufacturer, shotgun were an obvious “no go”

Rhys just rebuilt Atlas. give our mustached friend some time and he could have some in a DLC. genious takes some time, and a Maliwan takeover attempt really distracts you.

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Considering his hacking tech is a USB Flash Drive / Viper Drive that gives you access to everywhere.He will need a lot of time and $. :rofl:

One thing is certain , we wont see maliwan anymore.

Dahl is the most militaristic of the corporations and their focus in their weapons are reliability & recoil reduction.

They made two of, arguably, the best shotguns in the game series. Honestly a combat shotgun fits perfectly into their portfolio.

maybe in the maliwan takeover event, Atlas takes over Mailiwan. then we actually get good maliwan weapons.

My understanding we didn’t kill the Maliwan CEO. We killed the 1 kid that tried to kill all the ones that were ahead of him in inheritance. So we could see Maliwan again if daddy actually is still alive and decides on wanting revenge.

Mailwan did lose a whole lot of troops in the attempted takeover.