Why these maps?

I just wanted to know what it is about paradise that know likes to play the other map(it’s so dominant i don’t even know its name), and Overgrowth over echelon and outback versus temples. Tell me exactly what makes those so much more appealing that the community the majority of the time overwhelms my vote for the other maps.

Coldsnap is the name of the other Meltdown map.

And I think that some people still get frame drop issues on it. (Same for Echelon).

Outback vs Temples: You can’t get back into base in Outback without teleporting.

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Personally I prefer Coldsnap and Temples. I think perhaps the familiarity, Paradise and Overgrowth were both in beta and a lot of strategies were formed early giving beta players an edge over newcomers, though after two months I’d think people would want to play the newer maps more but I guess I’d be wrong.

I personally hate playing on Paradise, not for the map itself but tbe cheap tactics. ISICs and Benedicts who sit on the walls in mid, snipers (Mainly Marquis and Toby) who camp at the heal station using the thumpers as sentries, one of these two things happen in almost every match. But the absolute worst thing is spawn camping, there’s only one exit on Paradise and many teams push hard to base and just camp out by the fork waiting for an easy kill. I really think that map needs a massive overhaul like Overgrowth got.


wut. there are three. five if you count the tunnel/arches on either side.

I personally prefer Paradise because of it just feels less claustrophobic. It’s wide open and has a pleasant, green-dominated color scheme, whereas Coldsnap is dominated by gray and has all those looming buildings and overhangs. Plus I can actually use Cald’s ult on the former.

I don’t get it either. All the least popular maps are all my favorites. Go figure.

I really don’t understand making the maps random in casual, but fixed in competitive. What’s that all about?

It’s mainly because those maps came first.


Coldsnap is more segregated than Paradise, so constant battles are lower.

Outback is smaller and more centric so battles are more frequent. Temples is way to huge for the game style.

Overgrowth is better because Echelon’s sentry placement/entrance is garbo by comparison. The only good map aspect is the openess of the center.

Actually in temples you can outback you can’t.

I’ve noticed in general the smaller maps are much more popular. Overgrowth is 2/3 of the size of ech. Same for outback to temples. But paradise is 1/2 of the size of cold snap. I personally prefer the bigger ones since strategy is more important than on small maps with constant fuster cluck (WOOO BL) team fights where one has less players.

Whoops! Fixed it. Swapped them lol

Lol all good we all have those days and moments. This week fir me has been one big derp

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I primarily play incursion and I HATE echelon for these reasons.

  1. The thumper and sentry placements are god awful 90% of the time someone dives for a kill the thumper and sentry don’t attack. Don’t even get me started on the incredibly bad placement of the second thumper.
  2. The supply stations are literally under the middle lane of the map and in the far corners.
  3. The way the stairs are its literally supremely easy to attack the sentry from them without any sentry retaliation

Personally having the heal in the mid is a huge plus since your teammates will hopefully recall to heal faste and so people camp less. I think the shock in mid on over is bad. It rarely ever target s anything for more than a second or two even if it’s still alive.

I much prefer Coldsnap, personally. I like the way it is laid out, the shard locations, and the buildables locations better.

Still though the thumper placements on both sentries on echelon and terrible and defend you from literally nothing

They seem to shoot me a bit if I pop out of the corner for too long. But maybe I’m just unlucky

I like paradise better than cold snap simply because the lane is less weird. I like the middle section, but the secondary grinder section just confuses me.
I don’t play capture, so I have no opinion yet.
Echelon hasn’t been balanced yet to the point that over growth has, and it still has frame rate bugs on pc at least. So it doesn’t make sense to make competitive go there.